Stay Lazy in Las Vegas: 5 Ways to Relax in the City

Woman Relaxing in Las Vegas

We know you work hard, which is why we’re here to help you relax. Las Vegas is full of ways to help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and removed from any stressors in your life working against your zen.

Taking breaks is essential for your mental health and happiness. Here are some of the best things to do in Las Vegas that will help you relax and unwind:


How to Relax in Las Vegas


1. Visit a Renowned Las Vegas Spa

If you’re craving a spa day, you’re in luck! The city is packed with world-renowned spas that aim to relax every muscle in your body with a mix of massages, facials, masks, and other pampering services. The Spa at Mandarin Oriental is widely known for its healing therapies and holistic experiences, while Qua Baths and Spa has earned numerous awards for its luxurious 50,000 square foot spa grounds and is considered one of the best spas in Las Vegas year after year. Take advantage of the fact that Las Vegas is a spa-filled relaxation destination and book your appointment today.


Caesars Palace Las Vegas Qua Baths & Spa

Credit: Caesars Palace Las Vegas


2. Take a Walk Surrounded by Nature

There are few things more peaceful than surrounding yourself with the tranquility of nature, so venture into the great outdoors at the botanical gardens at Springs Preserve. Meander through pathways lush with the foliage of the desert as you let all tension melt away. Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city can help your brain slow down and your body to relax. For a peaceful meditation exercise, try walking around a trail and staring at your feet while you walk. It’s said that the rhythmic nature of your steps can help your mind to let go of oncoming thoughts and focus on the simple movement.


3. Take a Dip

Las Vegas is full of unbelievable water attractions where you to swim your way to relaxation. The Tank in the Golden Nugget lets you swim amongst wildlife because of its giant tank centerpiece. Lay out and listen to the sounds of the waterfall or get up close and personal to the colorful marine life. Mandalay Bay Beach is an oasis in the middle of the desert with white sands gently leading into the expansive pool. Sunbathe beach-side as you enjoy your day off. No matter which Las Vegas pool you choose, you’re sure to enjoy tranquility and rejuvenation.


The Tank at The Golden Nugget Las Vegas

Credit: Golden Nugget Las Vegas


4. Surround Yourself with Scenery

Las Vegas is within close proximity to some of the most breathtaking desert views in the country. Treat your eyes and your soul by making the short trip out to Red Rock Canyon to enjoy the vibrant hues and panoramic views. An experience like this can make any day-to-day stressors feel insignificant. The colors are most vivid during sunset hours so make sure to plan your day right so you can witness the surreal play of the sun’s rays on the rocks.


Red Rock Canyon Near Las Vegas


5. Kick Back and Relax

There’s nothing more relaxing than just enjoying your hotel room or suite! All of our guest rooms are air-conditioned and feature luxurious pillow-top mattresses, room service, and other amenities. Our suites even include in-room jet jacuzzis to really help you relax.

In a life that can get chaotic, it’s important that we take a break every so often. Take some time to hit the reset button and find your zen.