The 14 Biggest Las Vegas Facts & Myths

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If you were asked, “what is Las Vegas known for?” you would likely respond with “Las Vegas is all about gambling in the hot desert.” Shake that myth from your mind! Most people think they have this city figured out. From movies, shows, stories, and pop culture; everyone thinks they know what the real Las Vegas is like. Let’s uncover the truth and learn more about common myths and misconceptions people believe about the city. You might be surprised by what you learn!


Las Vegas Facts


Fact: The Strip isn’t Actually in Vegas

It’s true. The famed Las Vegas Strip isn’t actually located within the city limits of Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Valley in Clark County is made up of three incorporated cities: Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and Henderson. There are also six unincorporated cities: Spring Valley, Sunrise Manor, Enterprise, Whitney, Winchester, and Paradise. The Strip is located in Paradise, just south of the main city’s boundaries.


Fact: Vegas is a Foodie Heaven

From countless all-you-can-eat buffets, to Michelin Star restaurants, what is there not to love about Vegas food? Rated one of the top 10 cities in the country for great food, you can find any type of cuisine at any price point. The city offers a range of delicious options, such as ramen at 8 East, barbecue at Project BBQ, steak at Andiamo Steakhouse and Barry’s Downtown Prime, Victory Burger, and Saginaw’s Delicatessen.


Fact: A Lot of People Travel to Vegas for Conventions

Of the 41 million visitors that came to Las Vegas last year, more than 5 million traveled for conventions. Las Vegas hosts about 60-200 of the largest conventions in the country and nearly 20,000 meetings every year. With so many things to do between convention hours and great places to stay, it’s no surprise that Vegas is one of the most popular convention destinations.


Fact: It’s Easy(ish) to Get Married in Vegas

This Vegas fact is true, but with some conditions. You can get a marriage license and get married all on the same day in the city, but “accidental” marriages aren’t common. Pop cultures and movies are to blame for this misconception. We’ve all seen countless iterations of the neglectful drunk Vegas wedding scene. But it is just not legal! No wedding chapel will serve an intoxicated person because they care about staying in business.


Fact: Las Vegas is the Brightest City in the World

Did you know this crazy fact? With its millions of lights, Las Vegas is considered the brightest spot on Earth. Due to the concentration of lights on its hotels, casinos, and neon signs, The Vegas Strip can in fact be seen from outer space! Interested in learning more fascinating Las Vegas facts? Check out 39 interesting facts about Las Vegas that may surprise you.


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Las Vegas Myths


Myth: The Strip is the Only Place to Go

Some might think Vegas is just a strip of buildings in the middle of the desert where there isn’t anything near but miles of sandy road outside of the Strip. Well it might surprise many people that Vegas locals don’t actually spend much time on the Strip! That’s because there are so many other things to do outside of the famous street.

Downtown Las Vegas is one of the most exciting parts of the city as it keeps experiencing growth with new restaurants, resorts, and bars. You’ll also find a vivid culture that isn’t found on The Strip. You can also find historic, retro, unique, and cultural attractions outside of the Strip such as Boulder City, the Neon Museum, Downtown Arts District, and even Seven Magic Mountains.

In addition to the flashing lights of the city, Mother Nature is all around Las Vegas! Check out breathtaking parks like Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, the Hoover Dam, Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon. These beautiful hikes are scenic attractions that cost little to no money!


Myth: Casinos are the Primary Attraction

“People only visit Vegas to gamble.” False! Sure, if you are a roulette or slot machine enthusiast, a Vegas casino is your paradise. But it doesn’t end there! People visit Vegas for its entertainment, food, history, conventions, shops, and so much more.  If you don’t want to spend your whole vacation budget on gambling, you don’t have to! Plenty of people visit without ever sitting down at a casino. With all of the amazing day and night entertainment Vegas has to offer, you won’t miss out on any of the fun!


Happy Woman Playing Slots in Las Vegas


Myth: The Games are All Fixed

A lot of people assume casinos are rigged and have algorithms in place to stop players from winning big jackpots. That’s just a myth! Yes, casinos do control winning probabilities to favor the house, but plenty of people – both locals and tourists – hit jackpots all of the time. 

To win big, gamblers suggest playing smart and slow. Don’t just dump your life savings in a slot machine and expect a huge reward. Start by playing some penny slots and enjoy the free drinks. Set a gambling budget and stick with it. For example, you can put in $20 and aim to double it. Remember, to win big, a lot of luck is required.


Myth: Vegas is an Expensive Vacation

Like anywhere else in the world, the sky’s the limit. And there are always ways to spend your money. However, there are plenty of ways to keep your Vegas vacation on budget! You can find anything from the most luxurious 5 star hotels, to awesome deals on some of Vegas’ OG hotels. There are also endless entertainment options that don’t have to break the bank. Visit the Neon Museum for $18 or hike the nearby Red Rock Canyon for free!


Myth: Vegas isn’t Family-Friendly

While Vegas may be known for its adult-focused entertainment, kids can have fun too. There are family attractions and activities for everyone to enjoy together. Check out Circus Circus, a carnival-themed hotel with carnival games, or the Adventuredome, an indoor amusement park for all ages. There are lots of shows that are family-friendly such as the Blue Man Group and activities like the Shark Reef Aquarium and Marvel Avengers Station.


Friends Enjoying Drinks on Trip to Las Vegas


Myth: You Can Drink Anything or Anywhere You Want

Yes – public drinking is in fact legal throughout Las Vegas. But, there are exceptions and strict open container laws that one must adhere to. These laws vary depending on where you are and what you’re drinking. Drinking is not allowed within 1,000 ft of churches, schools, withdrawal management centers, hospitals, or homeless shelters. Drinking is of course not allowed in vehicles either and cannot be in a glass container.


Myth: You Can Only Have Fun in Vegas if You Drink

Who said you can’t have a fun-filled Vegas holiday alcohol-free? Sure, Vegas is notorious for its nightlife, but there are many other things to do in Vegas that don’t require drinking. Watch one of Vegas’ famous spectacles, lounge by the pool, shop, or even take a ride on a zipline! There are plenty of sober-friendly ways to explore Las Vegas, and bartenders are even whipping up some delicious mocktails if you want to hang out at the bar.


Myth: There are Hardly Any Locals

Plenty of tourists unfamiliar with the city, assume there is no local community. That is just not true! Vegas is much more than tourism and travelers. In fact, Clark County is home to approximately 2.25 million people. Las Vegas residents are an incredibly strong community and proud of their city. You can also find plenty of local businesses run by their prideful community.


Myth: Las Vegas is Hot Year-Round

Las Vegas is in the Nevada desert, so sure, the summer season does get hot and dry. But average temperatures don’t usually surpass 100 degrees. Vegas actually does have 4 seasons- it even snows! Winter temperatures usually range from 30-50 degrees. If you’re hesitant to visit just because of the heat, the city is prepared with pools and air conditioning, and there are plenty of hot weather activities to stay cool.


Know the Real Las Vegas 


Now that you’ve learned some myths and facts about Las Vegas, what do you think? Are you surprised? The prominent city may be known as a go-to for gamblers, bachelorettes, and party enthusiasts, but there is so much more beneath the surface. In reality, there is something for everyone in Vegas. The best way to know the truth about Las Vegas is by taking a trip and seeing the city for yourself! Book a room at Golden Gate Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas to explore the city and see all it has to offer.