Road Trip to Vegas: Reno to Las Vegas

Girlfriends on Reno to Las Vegas Road Trip

If you’re planning a trip to Vegas from Reno, make your next trip out into a road trip to enjoy the experience in a whole new way. While you might think the Reno to Las Vegas drive is a shorter one because the cities are both in Nevada, think again! It’s not a multi-day road trip, but it’s still a full day of driving through the desert and mountain landscapes while enjoying all the sights Nevada has to offer as you drive from the northwest of the state down to the south.

Pack your bags, rally the troops, and fill the tank, because we have all the road trip recommendations to have the best Reno to Las Vegas drive.


The Logistics: Route, Drive Time & Traffic


The drive to Las Vegas from Reno starts near Lake Tahoe and ends near Lake Mead. You will mainly drive on the US-95 S to get to Vegas from Reno. This road trip to Vegas will take you 439 miles southeast, and takes approximately 7 hours to complete if factors like traffic and weather are ideal. Road trip stops, traffic, and overnight stays can turn this into a 2-day road trip depending on how leisurely you want the drive to be. Be prepared for long stretches of farmland, mountains, and desert scenery on this drive – it is a long and direct shot right through the center of the country.

If possible, leave on less-popular driving days like Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday to avoid heavy traffic getting into Las Vegas. Given that weekends are the most popular for road trips, factor in extra drive time for situations such as traffic jams. Allow for longer drive times if you plan on traveling during the holidays or when there are big Las Vegas events. No matter where you’re driving from or which day of the week, the traffic is sure to pick up closer to the city.


Reno to Las Vegas Road Trip Stops


National Automobile Museum | 439 Miles to Vegas

To start your Reno to Las Vegas road trip, pay tribute to the car that’s making it all happen by visiting the National Automobile Museum. See classic cars, learn auto history, and check out cool exhibits like the Batmobile exhibit.


Washoe Club Museum & Saloon | 422 Miles to Vegas

If you’re looking for a paranormal experience (or maybe a drink after being spooked), the Washoe Club takes you back in time. Daily ghost tours and scary good cocktails await you – just be sure to drive responsibly!


Lahontan State Recreation Area | 414 Miles to Vegas

With 69 miles of shoreline and 11,200 acres of water when full, the Lahontan State Recreation Area is a great Reno to Las Vegas pit stop to get some fresh air during your drive. Pack a roadside picnic and enjoy the views.


Fort Churchill State Historic Park | 392 Miles to Vegas

Take a ride back to 1860, when Fort Churchill was built to protect early settlers, emigrants, and the Pony Express. While the fort is in ruins now, you can explore the old buildings, hike the trails, and visit the small museum.


Tonopah | 210 Miles to Vegas

This little town in Central Nevada is certainly not little on personality. Tonopah, Nevada is home to the Central Nevada Museum, the Clown Motel (once named “America’s Scariest Motel”), and the Tonopah Historic Mining Park.


Goldfield | 184 Miles to Vegas

Once Nevada’s largest city and now a “living” ghost town, Goldfield, NV is a must-see road trip destination. Stop by the Santa Fe Saloon for a drink with the locals, or explore the historic buildings to see how life once was in town.


International Car Forest | 184 Miles to Vegas

Right outside of Goldfield is a great art display. Thought to be the largest outdoor car art exhibit in the country, the International Car Forest features over 40 abandoned cars decorated with different styles and mediums.


Goldwell Open Air Museum | 122 Miles to Vegas

Located slightly off the beaten path is the Goldwell Open Air Museum, a sculpture park filled with unique art from artists-in-residence and other artists. Started in 1984, this spot has grown into a popular spot for art enthusiasts.


Area 51 Alien Center | 88 Miles to Vegas

Don’t expect your average travel center. The Area 51 Alien Travel Center is a gas and convenience store stocked with alien memorabilia and souvenirs. Along with an Area 51 themed diner that can be found in the back. 


Floyd Lamb Park | 17 Miles to Vegas

Right before you get to the heart of Downtown Las Vegas, stretch your legs and enjoy nature at Floyd Lamb Park at Tule Springs. You’ll find beautiful lakes, picnic areas, scenic paths, and maybe even some views of wildlife.


Some say life isn’t only about the destination, it’s about the journey. If you’re planning your next trip to Las Vegas, consider hitting the road and making an adventure out of it. While you’re planning all your Las Vegas road trip pit stops, be sure to book your room at Golden Gate Las Vegas to have a place to call home after your drive. On top of comfortable rooms and suites (or penthouses for added luxury after your drive), you’ll be in the heart of Downtown Las Vegas to walk around town and stretch your legs after your Reno to Las Vegas drive. Drive safely, and see you soon!