Things to Do in Vegas for Less Than $100 a Day

Man Holding $100 for Las Vegas on a Budget

It’s easy to go big in Vegas. But what you might not know is that it can also be easy to do Vegas on $100 a day! Excluding hotel and travel costs, see how you can have an affordable trip to Vegas while still having a great time. From eating delicious food and seeing shows for under $50 to exploring all the free activities Vegas has to offer, read on to see how you can have the time of your life while doing Vegas for $100 a day.


Dining in Vegas on a Budget


If you’re trying to do Las Vegas for $100 a day, one of the first things you need to consider is what to eat. While Vegas is the spot for extravagant meals, there are a number of affordable places to eat while still getting some incredible food. On top of usual menu item prices, look for happy hour and later night dinner deals, as many restaurants have big discounts before 6pm and again after 9pm.

Some of our favorite cheap places to eat in Las Vegas include:

Factor in about $30-$50 going to your food and drink per day. Remember that cocktails can get a bit pricey, but many places have affordable options for beer, and you can also get some free drinks while placing bets in the casino – just be sure you watch yourself in the casino so you don’t blow through your $100 budget in one place. And don’t forget, even if you’re on a budget it is still common courtesy to tip if you are dining out!


Man Hiking Near Las Vegas for Free


Free & Cheap Las Vegas Activities


Free Las Vegas Activities

Las Vegas has a few options to choose from if you’re looking for free activities while doing Vegas on a budget. Some activities can be found right in the city while others will take you a little outside of city limits to enjoy the nature of the surrounding areas. Outside of Vegas, there are a number of hiking trails to explore for free to give you a different experience while visiting Nevada.

In the city, free entertainment is everywhere! Las Vegas alone is filled with sights that could qualify as a free show. Simply walk around Downtown Las Vegas and the Strip to see incredible things you can’t find anywhere else – throughout the streets and within the resorts. You should also check out your hotel’s amenities to see what is included in your stay. Many hotels offer complimentary pool access, which is the perfect free Vegas activity.

Some free Las Vegas activities to check out are:


Cheap Las Vegas Activity at the Neon Museum


Cheap Las Vegas Activities

In addition to the free Las Vegas activities above, you can budget in some affordable activities that will allow you to explore even more of Vegas, from natural wonders to exciting shows. Even going to the casino can be a cheap activity as long as you budget for it! Set aside $20 a day for games like blackjack, craps, or slots and stop once you hit your limit – you might win some back, but consider the $20 a full loss when planning your budget.

Some shows can cost over $50, but be sure to look for deals on Groupon, Living Social, and to find discounted tickets that will take a smaller chunk out of your $100 a day budget. On top of shows, you can explore natural spaces like Red Rock Canyon and Springs Preserve for an affordable admission fee. There are also some great museums with cheap tickets that will allow you to enjoy some fun Vegas culture.

Be sure to add these cheap Las Vegas activities to your list:


Vegas on a Budget


Enjoying Vegas on a budget doesn’t have to be hard! All it takes is a little bit of planning ahead and budgeting to make sure you can fit everything in. If you haven’t already booked your hotel, be sure to check out last-minute hotel deals and any other packages and deals that might be offered, and book a room at Golden Gate Hotel to save money while having a great time. To experience even more Las Vegas savings, join the Club One players club to earn benefits and receive discounts on hotel reservations, free room upgrades, comp dollars, free slot play, rental car discounts by simply having a full Vegas experience!