Essential Las Vegas Outfits to Pack for Your Trip

Couple Packing for Trip to Las Vegas

With all that Las Vegas has to offer, it can be difficult to know what to pack in your bag. While there are stores all over the city, packing for Vegas properly beforehand means you can spend less time fixing your wardrobe and focus more time in the city! There are tons of Las Vegas packing lists available, but if those have you feeling overwhelmed, here’s what to pack for Las Vegas depending on what you plan on doing on your next trip to the city and when you plan to visit.


How to Dress for Las Vegas Weather


The first thing to know about Las Vegas weather is that it changes depending on the season, so be sure to check the weather forecast for your trip and plan accordingly. If there are no major shake-ups, then generally the weather can be like:


Las Vegas Weather in Summer 

The heat of a Las Vegas Summer is what most people imagine when they think of the typical weather in Vegas. Located deep in the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas heat can be scorching. Temps around 100 degrees Fahrenheit aren’t unheard of in Vegas, so dressing in a way that keeps you cool will be a top priority. Though, remember: restaurants, shops, and other indoor attractions will likely have their air conditioning running full blast. Take that into account when planning what to pack for Las Vegas.


Las Vegas Weather in Fall

Fall is a popular time to visit Las Vegas because of the cooler weather. The heat of the Summer will still linger without being so oppressive, but the evenings will cool off quickly. This makes typical Fall attire like jeans or even sweaters more comfortable. Make sure to pack in layers, so you can easily adjust your Las Vegas outfit to keep you comfortable.


Las Vegas Weather in Winter

Don’t be fooled by the desert locale. Winter in Las Vegas can come with lows near 30 degrees Fahrenheit at night and call for well-insulated jackets. The disparity between the temperatures at night and during the day can be felt most during the Winter, so you’ll want to pack a variety of clothing to keep comfortable. This is the time of year heavier fabrics like denim become more Vegas-friendly. You may even spot a sweater or two while enjoying the sights in the city and surrounding areas.


Las Vegas Weather in Spring

Spring is often hailed as the best time of year to visit Las Vegas. There’s plenty of sunshine without the searing heat of the day or the frigid nightly temperatures. Early Spring typically features temps in the 70s with a few chances for rain. Light fabrics like linen are a good choice as well as other heavy fabrics to keep any desert wind from cutting through and bringing a chill.


Friends Going Out for Brunch in Las Vegas


Las Vegas Outfit Ideas


Brunch Outfit

Starting with the outfit that can start your day, a cute and comfortable brunch outfit is a must for foodies. No chilly mornings to be found, the Las Vegas heat shows up shortly after the sun rises. So, even early brunch times can share a bit of midday flare. Try following a desert-inspired color palette to add a bit of flare – warm browns and terra cotta reds plus a pop of teal or sage green will have you blending right in with the wildlife.


Pool Party/Day Club Outfit

Your Pool Party outfit will likely be different from what you wear to your hotel pool. Las Vegas day clubs are more like nightclubs just in the light of day. A classic outfit combo for women is your most stylish bikini, a pair of jean shorts, and a kimono or other flowy cover-up, plus sandals and a pair of sunglasses. For guys, swim trunks and a loose tank or t-shirt makes your pool party ensemble easy, breezy.


Casino Outfit

Day-time casino goers will find most players dressed in casual, well-kept shirts. However, when the sun goes down, you’ll spy more formal attire making its debut. A classy cocktail dress or a button-up shirt will serve you well in an evening. Flashy colors might be reserved for more outgoing activities on the Strip, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration from the atmosphere; try dressing in the red, white, or black you’ll find in most gambling games. Overall, when it comes to Las Vegas casinos, it’s better to overdress than be underdressed.  

While most Las Vegas casinos won’t have a dress code per se, and the above is only a suggestion, there are a few things we would strongly advise against. Anything that conceals your identity like sunglasses or a hat are generally frowned upon and anything like a Bluetooth earpiece might arouse suspicion from casino workers. Regardless of your personal style, you’ll want to leave these items for another outfit.


Dressy Outfit

The same dressier outfit you take to the casino can also be taken for a night out at one of the stunning restaurants or bars that line the Strip. There is also no shortage of shows to captivate your attention. Similar to the shows of Broadways in New York, dressing well for a performance adds to the glitz and glam.


Group Dressed for Night Club in Las Vegas


Night Club Outfit

A Las Vegas Night club outfit is a time to go all out. Keep in mind that most nightclubs have some kind of dress code in place, so things like jeans, athletic clothes, and flip-flops might get you turned away at the door. To avoid this, check the club’s website for what they don’t allow as far as attire. Otherwise, Vegas nightclubs are often very on trend, and a good way to think up some Las Vegas outfit ideas for nightclubs is to imagine what you might wear for a night out on New Year’s Eve, not your typical night out.

We recommend classic (or cutting-edge) silhouettes and your most stylish but still walkable shoes. Add a little glamor to the night by wearing fabric with a bit of shimmer and shine to catch the light as you take the dance floor for a spin!


Nature Walk & Hiking Outfit

For those looking to take in the natural beauty of the Nevada desert, packing practical clothing and accessories to outfit you for the weather and terrain is of the utmost importance. When you’re in the city, beating the heat might include removing layers, but if you’re spending hours outside hiking Red Rock Canyon or Valley of Fire State Park, then you’ll want long sleeves and a hat. Long sleeves and layers might sound brutal in the Mojave Desert, but protecting your skin from the sun will be most important. 

Pro-tip: a wide-brimmed hat that can be secured with a string will not only protect you from the sun but also prevent you from losing your hat in the high-speed winds that can whip through the desert landscape. Tough-soled hiking shoes are also highly recommended as you might find traditional hiking boots too inflexible for desert terrain. Complete your outdoor adventure outfit with a durable backpack to carry your water and extra sunscreen.


Casual, Day-to-Day Outfits

Everything we’ve mentioned above covers all the fun occasions and activities you’ll be doing while on your trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, we also can’t overlook that most of your suitcase should consist of your day-to-day casual wear. Loose, light-colored clothes will help you beat the heat. Meanwhile, comfortable walking shoes or sandals are a must if you plan on exploring Downtown Las Vegas. Lastly, Las Vegas is one of those cities that encourages you to be bold. So, don’t be afraid to step a little out of your comfort zone and bring your best to the streets of Vegas!


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