Treat Yourself in Vegas with these Self-Care Activities

Woman Getting Massage on Weekend Getaway in Las Vegas

Plan a weekend getaway to Las Vegas and treat yourself to a weekend of self-care and indulgence. Plan to take a long weekend to fully immerse yourself in “vacation mode” and have plenty of time for you. From spas and suites to restaurants and bars, Vegas doesn’t always have to be high-energy. Read on to find nine self-care activities you can treat yourself with in Las Vegas so you can take a break from the real world and recharge.


Las Vegas Self-Care Activities


Visit a Spa

If you’re craving a spa day, you’re in luck! The city is packed with world-renowned spas that aim to relax every muscle in your body with a mix of massages, facials, masks, and other pampering services. Take advantage of the fact that Las Vegas is a spa-filled relaxation destination and book your appointment today.


Splurge on a Shopping Spree

Ever heard of retail therapy? Sometimes all you need to do is a little bit of shopping to really treat yourself. Budget a bit of money for a trip to one of the many shop forums around the city. Whether you want high-end items or simply want to lose yourself in a souvenir shop, Vegas shops have something for every shopping list.


Lounge at the Pool

Las Vegas is full of unbelievable water attractions where you can swim your way to relaxation. Whether you choose to float in the pool or simply sunbathe pool-side as you enjoy your day off, no matter which Las Vegas pool you choose, you’re sure to enjoy tranquility and rejuvenation.


Luxury Las Vegas Penthouse at Golden Gate Hotel & Casino


Kick Back and Relax

There’s nothing more relaxing than just enjoying your hotel room or suite! At Golden Gate Hotel, all of our guest rooms are air-conditioned and feature luxurious pillow-top mattresses, room service, and other amenities. Our suites even include in-room jet jacuzzis to really help you relax.


Indulge in a Great Meal

Vegas is a hub for great culinary experiences, and if you are a foodie, treating yourself to an incredible meal in Vegas can be one of the highest forms of self care. Make a reservation at a fancy restaurant and don’t be afraid to order your favorite dish with one of their best bottles of wine for a night of pure indulgence!


Go to a Show

The great thing about shows in Vegas is that they offer an opportunity to have a bit of an escape from real life for an hour or two. Buy some tickets to a show and make a night out of it – dress up, go out to dinner, grab drinks, whatever helps you feel like you’re pampered and happy!


Man Taking Self-Care Hike Near Las Vegas


Get Active

Blow off some steam at the gym, go on a hike, or workout in your hotel room to get active. While working out might not sound relaxing, it is a great way to boost your endorphins and make you feel happier. On top of that, it may help you feel more okay with indulging the rest of the time on your weekend getaway in Las Vegas.


Focus on Your Health

While this isn’t necessarily the most fun way to practice self-care in Vegas, it’s important. As health continues to be an important topic, take precautions while on your weekend getaway to keep your body in top shape. Wash your hands often, eat some healthy meals, drink water, and put on sunscreen. Nothing sucks more than feeling sick on vacation!


Enjoy Nature

There are few things more peaceful than surrounding yourself with the tranquility of nature, so venture into the great outdoors and explore one of the many natural wonders surrounding the city. Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city can help your brain slow down and your body to relax.


It feels especially true right now that life can get a bit chaotic. Plan a weekend getaway in Las Vegas to treat yourself and have the time of your life. Whether you want to get active for those endorphins or relax with a massage and facial, Vegas is the perfect place for self care. Book a room at Golden Gate Hotel to have your own little escape within the city to recharge between activities!