Healthy Las Vegas: How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

As health has become a growing topic around the globe, knowing how to travel safely and consciously is important for maintaining your health. From what to pack to finding the right healthy activities for you, use these healthy travel tips to stay safe and happy on your next trip to Las Vegas!


Get Moving


Break a Sweat

If you have been on a workout schedule, maintaining your progress even while on vacation is important for staying healthy in Las Vegas. Hitting the hotel gym in the morning is a great way to jumpstart your day, and it’s definitely a perk that sweat helps you remove those toxins from enjoying some drinks the night before.

Not big on the gym? You can still get in a pretty decent workout by doing some hotel room exercises or swimming some laps in the pool. No matter how you decide to exercise, be sure to hydrate so you can stay on top of your Vegas game.


Explore the Great Outdoors

Stay healthy in Vegas by taking it outside of the city. The weather in Nevada allows you to easily get some Vitamin D and enjoy the great outdoors during all seasons. Hiking through Red Rock Canyon, ziplining through Bootleg Canyon, and kayaking the Colorado River are just a few of the ways you can get active and enjoy Nevada’s landscape.

Exploring nature is a great way to get out of the city and see something new. You’ll probably enjoy it so much that it won’t even feel like you’re exercising.


Woman Eating Healthy Las Vegas Meal


Eat Healthy


Las Vegas is a culinary hotspot, and that extends into our health food scene that focuses on both health and taste. Diet is a huge component in staying healthy while traveling, and Vegas makes it easy to stay on track. We’re not saying to forego all the indulgent foods in the city, but with healthy bowls and wraps, cold-pressed juices, and natural ingredients, there are plenty of options to help you find that balance. Good ingredients help our bodies feel and function better, which means you’ll enjoy your trip to Vegas even more.

Some of our favorite healthy Las Vegas restaurants in Downtown include:


Come Prepared


Now that you know how to stay healthy in Las Vegas, it’s time to know what to pack. What you bring for your trip can play a huge role in staying healthy in Las Vegas. While this might not be the sexiest list of things to pack for Vegas, they will certainly help you feel your best so you can enjoy every bit of your trip! Learning how to stay healthy while traveling means learning how to mix the practical items with the fun ones.


Hand Sanitizer

This is definitely a new tip on how to stay healthy while traveling, but definitely a valuable one. While hotels and casinos are taking many precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy in Las Vegas, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra layer of protection. Bring along a small bottle of hand sanitizer for added peace of mind when in public places.


Healthy Snacks

As mentioned, Las Vegas is home to incredible chefs and indulgent meals. Of course, you should enjoy yourself when visiting, but packing some healthy snacks can help keep you on track between the restaurant hopping. Try to bring nonperishables that travel well and can store in your hotel room or bag throughout your trip.


Man Using Lotion and Sunscreen in Vegas


Sunscreen & Lotion

Your skin should take priority when visiting the desert. Bring your favorite sunscreen and be sure to apply it before going out in the sun. Even if you’ll have minimal sun exposure, it’s best to stay safe! Lotion will also help save you from the discomfort of dry skin from the desert air and heat.



If you take any supplements or vitamins at home, don’t forget to bring a travel supply! Travel can sometimes throw your body off of schedule, so keeping up with some routine things from home may help keep it healthy. Having a strong immune system is key right now, and sticking with your supplements can help.


Workout Gear

If you plan on working out in the gym or going for a hike, it’s important to pack the right clothes and gear. Make sure you bring items that are breathable in the Vegas sun, comfortable shoes, a reusable water bottle, and a light jacket in case it cools down at night. It doesn’t hurt to also bring a laundry bag to separate your clothes after breaking a sweat.


Staying healthy in Las Vegas is probably a lot easier than you think. The key to it all is finding that balance: definitely have your fun and enjoy the city, but also make sure you’re setting aside time to take care of yourself. On top of these healthy travel tips, be sure to stay hydrated and get enough sleep to truly treat your body well. When you book your stay at Golden Gate, you will see the care we put into making your experience as happy and healthy as possible!