Your Guide to the Great Las Vegas Outdoors in the Spring

People Hiking Near Las Vegas

Las Vegas is more than casinos, hotels, and flashing lights. Venture just outside the city to find a world of exciting outdoor adventures and incredible sights worth the trek from Downtown Las Vegas. As the weather starts to warm up this spring, consider adding some Las Vegas outdoor activities to your itinerary. From beautiful canyons you can explore by zipline or horseback to beautiful moonlight kayaking tours, there are so many ways to enjoy the surrounding Nevada nature. Pack your hiking shoes, bathing suits, and sunscreen, because the great Las Vegas outdoors are calling!


Hiking Near Las Vegas


Lake Mead Hike

Lake Mead is more than just a beautiful lake, it’s also home to wonderful hiking trails. The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is comprised of 87% of the eastern Mojave Desert and spans a variety of landscapes, from canyons to shores. There are hikes for any skill level, from the easy Historic Railroad Trail to the very strenuous White Rock Canyon.


Mount Charleston Hike

Taking a quick drive to Mount Charleston is a treat for anyone looking for a Nevada outdoor adventure. While many know Mount Charleston for the fun winter activities, it is also a great spot for hiking when the weather warms up. With 12 hikes and trails, you’re sure to love the beauty of the Spring Mountains – especially Mary Jane Falls in the spring.


Red Rock Canyon Hike

Variety and beauty are the main highlights of Red Rock Canyon. Taking a hike here is a great way to get a taste of the Las Vegas outdoors. There are 26 trails and hikes to choose from, and some can be done with a tour guide for a thorough exploration of the area. The Petroglyph Wall is a must-see if you are interested in the history of the land.


Valley of Fire Hike

The name of this location doesn’t lie – you will be in awe of the stunning red landscape of the Valley of Fire. Unique rock formations, ancient petroglyphs, and vibrant canyons make every hike an amazing adventure. Springtime is a wonderful time to visit, as wildflowers begin to bloom and wildlife becomes more active. This is truly a gem in Las Vegas nature.


Woman Enjoying Colorado River Kayaking


Las Vegas Water Activities


Colorado River Kayaking

As the weather gets warmer, spending a nice day out on a kayak can be the perfect way to appreciate the Las Vegas outdoors this spring. Sign up for a half-day tour to explore Black Canyon, or dedicate a whole day to kayak to the Hoover Dam. If you are more of a night adventurer, try a full moon twilight paddle for a truly mystical experience.


Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs

If you truly consider yourself an expert adventurer, the trek to the Gold Strike Canyon Hot Springs is a favorite for those prepared to take on the challenge. Though the majority of the journey is a very strenuous hike with boulders and rope courses, the main destination is the water. This will not be a relaxing activity, but the natural hot springs are spectacular.


Lake Las Vegas Water Sports

Water jetpacks, an inflatable aqua park, paddle boarding, and flyboarding are just a few of the Las Vegas outdoor activities you can enjoy on the water at Lake Las Vegas. Though this lake is artificial and not one of Nevada’s natural beauties, it is certainly a great place to stay cool and have a blast outdoors this season.


Lake Mead Cruise

If you want something a little more relaxed than the Lake Mead hiking or kayaking mentioned above, a cruise might be the perfect way for you to enjoy the area. This Mississippi-style paddlewheeler offers a climate-controlled environment, and even offers fun champagne brunch and sunset dinner cruises to make for a truly unique way to see the lake.


Man Ziplining in Las Vegas Desert


Outdoor Adventures Near Las Vegas


Bootleg Canyon Zipline

If you’ve already ziplined through the lights of Fremont Street, try a new perspective in the great Las Vegas outdoors. For three hours, venture out into the desert to see it in a way a hike could never allow. With over 1.5 miles of ziplines and four distinct runs, along with day, sunset, and night rides, you’ll never look at the desert the same after this adventure.


Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Does anything say “adventure” quite like a helicopter tour over one of the seven natural wonders of the world? Prepare for a breathtaking way to experience the brilliance of the Grand Canyon. There is a wide range of tours available depending on your available time and what you want to see. This will be an adventure you will truly never forget.


Mojave Desert ATV Tour

Get ready to get down and dirty with one of the most exciting Las Vegas outdoor activities you’ll find. You will get to ride in parts of the Las Vegas Lake Mead Recreational Area while getting your blood pumping and enjoying the views of the surrounding mountains. This activity is best enjoyed with a group, so get your crew together and make some memories.


Red Rock Canyon Horseback Riding

Be a cowboy for a day and ride into the sunset on your very own horseback tour of Red Rock Canyon. Ride a majestic horse or mule through beautiful trails in the Nevada landscape. If you are a nature lover, this is a great way to have a more intimate view of Nevada’s wildlife. Your guide and your trusty horse will help you truly immerse yourself in nature.


Whether your visit to Vegas is nature-centered or simply incorporates some nearby Las Vegas outdoor activities, Nevada is a truly stunning landscape and deserves just as much attention as the city. Book your room at Golden Gate Hotel & Casino to rest and recover for your adventures. Get exploring!