6 Tips and Tricks for Your First Time in Vegas

Modern Day Las Vegas Skyline

Going to Vegas for the first time is an exciting experience, but it can also feel overwhelming. You want to experience everything the city has to offer but don’t know where to start. Planning your trip ahead of time can ensure you have your best first-time experience and avoid any rookie mistakes. 

Use these tips and tricks to make your first time in Vegas easy and enjoyable. You’ll be a Vegas pro in no time!


Set a Budget


Vegas is notorious for eating wallets. If you had to spend $1 million dollars in one night, Vegas would be an easy place to do it! Whether it is the amazing food, slot machines, grand shows, or shopping, it can be easy to get carried away with the spending. Set a budget ahead of time and plan out your spending.

You could itemize your budget into categories such as dining, casinos, and shopping, or simply set a daily max limit. Setting a budget will ensure you don’t blow off too much cash after a full night of partying. Another tactic you can try is to withdraw the amount of cash you would like to spend in one day and leave your credit card in the hotel room. No matter which budgeting strategy works best for you, you will thank yourself later for doing so.


Check the Weather


You definitely don’t want to make the first-timer mistake of only packing shorts and t-shirts to visit Vegas in May. Though Vegas is located in the Mojave desert, temperatures vary from 38°F to 105°F throughout the year. If you are visiting Las Vegas for the first time, be sure to check the weather to plan your wardrobe for your next visit! Every season in Las Vegas is a bit different, so don’t expect the same weather in spring and summer.


Friends Enjoying First Time in Las Vegas


Book Reservations


Everyone knows reservations are a MUST to visit Vegas worry-free. During the peak busy season, not only can it become increasingly difficult to find a decent hotel room, but prices also spike tremendously. This is why booking ahead is one of our most important Las Vegas travel tips. Visiting the city that never sleeps during off-season can also be a strategic plan.

During the hottest months in Vegas of July and August, you can find great deals on all your dream Vegas experiences. Just pack extra sunblock and plan for extra days by the pool and you won’t even notice the difference. Plus, it is easy to stay cool in Vegas when all of the hotels are heavily air conditioned and drinks are always 2 feet away. 

Set up your next 2022 vacation ahead of time and forget about it until it’s time to pack your bags! Booking a room at Golden Gate Hotel Las Vegas is one of the easiest decisions you’ll make when planning your first trip to Vegas.


Make a List


If you are visiting Las Vegas for the first time, making a list of all your must-see places might be a good idea so you don’t miss out on what’s most important to you. Planning out where you want to go and what you want to see won’t only help you create an itinerary but will also be helpful to know which events might require a reservation ahead of time. For a budget-friendly day full of fun, there are plenty of things to do in Vegas for under $100 a day.


Women Enjoying First Time in Downtown Las Vegas


Or – Be Spontaneous


Vegas is all about having fun and going with the flow. How will you have a true Vegas experience if you plan every aspect of your visit to a tee? Try new things and step out of your comfort zone! Go indoor skydiving and fly like a bird or get lost in an escape room. Some of the best Vegas fun to experience are the ones you simply stumble upon. Make sure to walk through the strip and check out whatever calls your name. Vacations should be…. Well – fun!


Go with a Good Crew and Be Good


Our last Las Vegas travel tip for beginners is to make sure you bring good company with you! During a weekend full of parting and late nights, it’s important to have a good crew to rely on. Bring people that you will know will keep the energy high and the good vibes flowing. Making sure to check in on one another can also be good during continuous restless nights. Also, don’t forget to pack a simple safety kit with some extra Tylenol!


Feel like a Vegas pro yet? These tips and tricks will help you feel more prepared for your first time in vegas. Remember that you’re on vacation to have fun! Plan ahead, make a budget, and go enjoy what the entertainment capital of the world has to offer. And don’t forget to book a room. Stay at Golden Gate Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas to be near all the action for your first time in Vegas.