Your Cocktail Personality & Which Las Vegas Drinks to Order

Friends Enjoying Las Vegas Drinks and Cocktails

From yard drinks to craft cocktails, there are a number of drinks in Las Vegas to choose from and quench anybody’s thirst. Find how to choose your perfect Vegas cocktail, whether it’s a well drink at a dive bar or a glass of champagne at a wine bar. All it takes is knowing your drinking personality! Read on to see which Vegas cocktails fit your vibe and where you can order them.




You’re a fan of the classics because you recognize that they’re classics for a reason. A tried-and-true cocktail is essentially the same every bar you go to, and you know you’re going to like it. Sure, a twist on a classic is good, especially when made well, but nothing beats the original.

Luckily, in Las Vegas, you can find bartenders carefully crafting your perfect cocktail. Head to Bar Prohibition! or Vegas Vickie’s for some cocktails that won’t let you down, or make a reservation at Andiamo Steakhouse or Barry’s Downtown Prime to pair your Martini or Old Fashioned with an equally-classic steak dinner.




You’re in Vegas to have fun, and your drink of choice reflects that. In this city, our entertainment doesn’t stop at the shows and concerts, it fully extends to our bars as well. Because of that, there are many “fun” drink options that are perfect for varying energy levels.

For long-term drinking and fun flavors, a yard drink from OneBar, D Bar, Circa Bar, or Stadium Swim® has you covered. The flair bartenders at these same bars, plus LONGBAR and MEGA BAR, will add a bit of excitement to your drinks. And finally, we all know how quickly shots can make things fun.


Adventurous Craft Cocktail from Legacy Club Rooftop Par




You’re a fan of shaking it up – or maybe stirring it up is more your pace. Either way, you like to try new things, including interesting cocktails. Las Vegas is the perfect spot for adventurous drinkers, as our bartenders are always concocting something new.

Many bars offer the classics, spins on those classics, then cocktails that are completely new. With so many options, it can be hard to choose, so a bar crawl is in order to try as many places and drinks as possible. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try making your own cocktail at the Legacy Club’s Elevated Spirits Craft Cocktail Course.




You’re looking for a fun night out, but not a crazy one. Las Vegas doesn’t always have to mean you’re on the go between pool parties and clubs. Perhaps you’d rather lounge by the pool or sip some wine while taking in the views of Las Vegas from a rooftop bar.

For a slower-paced time in Vegas, you have plenty of options. At Stadium Swim, relax by the pool in your own lounge chair or cabana while sipping on delicious poolside cocktails. When you stay at Golden Gate, you get two free passes to Stadium Swim for all the lounging you want to do. Or make your way up to Legacy Club to watch the sunset while enjoying a relaxing glass of red wine or something from the extensive whiskey collection.


Bartender Pouring Beer for Easy Las Vegas Drinks




You’re out for a night of drinking, and want to make it a full night. As the long-haul drinker, you understand the concept of pacing yourself so you can enjoy the full night ahead of you. Go for simple drinks to sip on throughout the night. Alternatively, beer and wine are great options, as beer offers volume that keeps you full, and wine is easier to sip and not chug.

If you’re taking the beer route, check out the multiple options on tap at Victory Burger and BarCanada®. For simple cocktails you can sip on all night, you can find those anywhere! Check out Overhang Bar or Vue Bar for some carefully crafted simple cocktails, or even find some on the casino floor.




You’re always on the lookout for new bars, Insta-worthy cocktails, and cool settings to sip your drinks in. If Las Vegas is anything, it’s trendy. New, happening spots are always opening to keep up with the trends. From speakeasies to rooftop bars, you’re sure to find the coolest places.

At Legacy Club, you’ll find a double win with beautifully-crafted cocktails (that taste great too!) and a view of Las Vegas like no other. If you’re looking for exclusivity, visit one of the many speakeasies in the city that require a secret entrance or password that only those who are part of the “in crowd” know.


There are so many options for Las Vegas drinks that nobody will go thirsty. Based on your drinking personality, you can find the perfect Vegas cocktail for you to have the best time while visiting. If you haven’t decided on your drinking style yet, why not test out all the bars mentioned for some research? While you’re at it, stay at Golden Gate Hotel for a comfortable place to stay after enjoying your drinks!