How to Celebrate Mardi Gras in Las Vegas

Friends Celebrating Mardi Gras in Las Vegas

Mardi Gras is a holiday that we all know for its wild parties and famous parades, celebrated on “Fat Tuesday” – the day before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of lent, which ends on Easter Sunday. Therefore, Mardi Gras is a celebration and a feast before the start of lent. This holiday with a rich history has developed into a holiday many enjoy celebrating, from New Orleans to Vegas, whether it’s celebrated for lent or celebrated for fun.

This year, Mardi Gras is on March 1, and Mardi Gras in Las Vegas will surely party in style all weekend long leading up to Fat Tuesday. Read on to learn more about the festivities around town, and don’t be surprised to see Vegas even more vibrant than it usually is!


The Orleans Hotel and Casino


It’s no surprise that the city’s Mardi Gras-themed hotel is the place for actual Mardi Gras in Las Vegas. The Orleans Hotel and Casino is “Where the Good Times will Roll” this coming Fat Tuesday in authentic style. During the holiday, be sure to wear your beads, order one of their signature hurricane cocktails, and eat at Big Al’s Oyster Bar for some authentic Creole/Cajun flair. You’ll feel like you’re being transported right to Louisiana!


1923 Prohibition Bar


The speakeasy at 1923 Prohibition Bar is hosting a special New Orleans Nights for Mardi Gras. Celebrate the spirit of the carnival season on Saturday, February 26 with an evening featuring live entertainment with burlesque dancers, Mardi Gras-inspired cocktails, and live music. Don’t forget to grab your beads from the bar and a slice of delicious king cake – the guest who finds the plastic baby hidden inside the cake will get a free cocktail!


Woman at Las Vegas Mardi Gras Celebration


Fremont Street Experience


For some bright-colored fun and celebration that won’t disappoint, go to the Fremont Street Experience. Here, you will find dozens of LED light displays, shopping, dining, and live performances on stage. During Mardi Gras, the Fremont Street Experience is sure to be the best kind of rowdy with people dressed in their beads and vibrant costumes. You can’t beat the people, energy, and fun that a Fremont Street Mardi Gras celebration has to offer!


LINQ Promenade


Similar to the Fremont Street Experience, you’re going to want to stop by the LINQ Promenade this year for some great Mardi Gras people-watching. In the past, the promenade has hosted elaborate Mardi Gras displays. While this year looks a little different from previous years, you can still bet that people will be showing off their outfits while having a great time. Take a ride on the High Roller for an even better view of the festivities below.


OneBar, D Bar, and Circa Bar


Located right on Fremont Street, visit OneBar, D Bar, and Circa Bar for frozen libations and specialty cocktails and a one-of-a-kind Mardi Gras Las Vegas experience. Take in the lively scene on the street while sipping on a handcrafted beverage. The talented flair bartenders will send glasses and bottles flying through the air – all as a part of the show. Stick by the bar or walk around Fremont Street with your yard drink to have an experience that rivals NOLA.


Mask and Beads for Mardi Gras in Las Vegas


Bar Prohibition!


Mardi Gras has a long history in New Orleans – one that’s even longer than the history of Vegas! Just like the timeless charm of Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Bar Prohibition! offers delicious drinks on top of some history. Take in the ambiance and sit down for a drink if you need a short break from the excitement outside. Add this bar to your Mardi Gras celebration in Vegas for classic cocktails that will start (or end) your night on the right note.


Legacy Club


For a Mardi Gras celebration with a view of Las Vegas, visit the Legacy Club rooftop bar on the 60th floor of Circa Resort & Casino. Enjoy their outdoor terrace where you will find cozy fire pits and a view like no other. Try a make-your-own Old Fashioned or order one of the handcrafted cocktails on their menu. Instead of being on Bourbon Street, you’ll be able to enjoy an extensive bourbon list instead.


No matter what you envision for your celebration of Mardi Gras, Las Vegas is here to help create a memorable experience. From restaurants to bars and nightclubs alike, we’re sure that your celebration in Vegas will be like no other. So plan your visit and get ready to party! Book your room at Golden Gate Hotel in Downtown Las Vegas and celebrate Mardi Gras the Las Vegas way.