2020 Kentucky Derby: Sports Bars, Betting, and More in Las Vegas

People Racing in the 2020 Kentucky Derby

The 2020 Kentucky Derby is just around the corner on September 5, and Las Vegas is one of the most exciting places to watch it. Experience it all like you never have before by reading this guide on the best sports bars in Vegas, where to grab delicious Mint Juleps, and key betting tips to help you win big.


Best Vegas Sports Bars


Even though you may not be in Louisville to watch the 2020 Kentucky Derby live and in person, you can still feel the adrenaline of the races on the big screen. Take a look at these top Vegas sports bars that win gold on race day.


Hardway 8

For a slice of history, drive over to downtown Henderson and watch the 2020 Kentucky Derby at Hardway 8. This Vegas sports bar made the Thrillist list for Best New Las Vegas Restaurants in 2019. Munch on a cheeseburger and sip your favorite craft beer as you enjoy the races!


Charlie’s Bar + Grill

Ultra-clear, 4K TV screens make Charlie’s Bar + Grill a must-visit sports bar at the Wynn. Take your pick of massive all-beef Chicago dogs and giant pretzels or nachos, and pair them with any of 16 beers on tap. Don’t worry about fancy attire either. Charlie’s is a casual spot fit for anything but tank tops and swimwear! 


Born & Raised

There’s no need to worry about driving out of your way to visit this Vegas sports bar. Born & Raised has two different locations in Las Vegas and one in Henderson. Whichever location you choose, you’ll get to watch the 2020 Kentucky Derby in style with the bars’ modern design and tasty menu.


Beer Park

Take your 2020 Kentucky Derby viewing experience to the clouds with Beer Park, one of the best rooftop bars in Vegas. Beer Park is newly renovated with an indoor expansion that more than doubles the size of the venue, and also has HD TV screens for your sports viewing pleasure.


The Book at LINQ

Rounding out the best Vegas sports bars is The Book at LINQ. With more than 50 TVs, the Las Vegas Strip’s highest resolution LED video wall, and a long list of specialty drinks and food, your race day experience will be one-of-a-kind at this spot. 


Mint Julep for 2020 Kentucky Derby


Mouth-Watering Mint Juleps in Vegas


If you’re going all out for the 2020 Kentucky Derby, you can’t miss out on the traditional drink that comes along with it. The Mint Julep is a hugely popular drink among Kentucky Derby fans, as well as people in the southern states. Visit these bars in Vegas to try the cocktail yourself and get a taste of the south!


Oak & Ivy

For a classically made Mint Julep, Oak & Ivy in Container Park is one of the best. Bulleit Bourbon and Fresh Mint are the main ingredients that will liven up your taste buds! Word on the street is Oak & Ivy doesn’t hold back when it comes to alcohol, so prepare yourself for a strong cocktail.


Herbs & Rye

Transport yourself to an old western movie at Herbs & Rye. This spot specializes in cocktails, so it’s a great place to try your first Mint Julep. With all hand-pressed juices, house-made bitters, and a large selection of Spirits, you can’t go wrong with grabbing a drink at this spot.


Sky Bar

Make your way to the 23rd floor of the Waldorf Astoria for a swanky night out full of derby talk and drinks. Expert mixologists here create numbingly delicious cocktails, including the Mint Julep. Remember to make a reservation to guarantee you get a table!


Mesa Grill

Even though a southwestern-inspired restaurant may not seem like the ideal place for a traditional southern cocktail, Mesa Grill pulls it off with their Mint Julep! Keep in mind that this Caesars Palace restaurant is upscale, but totally worth it. The celebrity chef, Bobby Flay, cooks up some dishes that are to die for.


People Betting on Horse Racing


Betting Tips for 2020 Kentucky Derby


There’s no better place to gamble than in good ole’ Las Vegas! As you prepare to place your bets on the 2020 Kentucky Derby, sharpen up your game and increase your odds by following these betting tips.


Know What You’re Betting Beforehand

Last minute gambling may work in the casinos, but it’s not the best idea for placing wagers in horse races. That’s why you should have all of your bets written down, so you’re organized and don’t forget anything when the time finally comes. 


Don’t Fall for Media Hype

Rather than trusting what the media says about the top ranking horses, put more of your faith into what the real experts have to say. There’s plenty of reliable sources out there that know a lot more about horse racing than the media does.


Don’t Go Overboard with Exotic Bets

Exotic bets may be exciting and show promise of a big payout, but make sure you don’t rely strictly on them to hit. You want the majority of your action on a straight wager.


Do Your Research

Similar to listening to horse racing experts, this betting tip is all about doing your homework. You can get lucky without knowing what you’re doing, but that’s rare. Take time to do your research and have substantial backing behind your bets.


Don’t Ignore the Favorite

Finally, don’t ignore the favorite horse. Favorites win about a third of all horse races, so they definitely deserve to be considered. If your research also shows strong support, you should probably take the chance and go for it.


With Vegas sports bars, places to grab a Mint Julep, and helpful betting tips, you’re almost ready for the 2020 Kentucky Derby! Deciding on where to place your bets can be tricky, but the perfect solution is right here in Vegas.

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