Where to Find All the Prettiest Lights in Las Vegas

Famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Neon Sign

When people think of glitz and glamor, there is no way Vegas doesn’t come to mind. Coined the city of lights for good reason, naturally neon is one of the enduring symbols of Las Vegas. Neon signs, spectacular lighted water shows, and the twinkling lights of the city from above… No matter where you look, Las Vegas is always shining. 

There are some stunning displays you’ll want to see on your next visit but don’t worry, they are pretty hard to miss. Truth be told, the Las Vegas Strip is actually the brightest spot on Earth and can even be seen from outer space! From preserved original vintage neon signage from the 1930s to modern LED screen spectacles, you’ll find every kind of shiny object pointing people to where they can find a cheeseburger, a motel room, or a poker game.

Whether you’re seeking the perfect location for night photography or want to stun your Vegas date with glistening night lights, we’ve got you covered. See where to find some of the most dazzling neon lights in Las Vegas below.


Vegas Vickie Neon Sign in Downtown Las Vegas


The Best Glittering & Neon Lights in Las Vegas


Circa Las Vegas

Vegas is filled with sparkling lights – old and new. And you can find both at Circa Las Vegas! From the twinkling entrance to finding Vegas Vickie in her new home (and her own bar), Circa blends Las Vegas history with today.


The Chandelier

Not all the prettiest lights in Las Vegas are neon, some are just some beautiful displays. The twinkling crystal-embellished Chandelier at the Cosmopolitan without a doubt gives the bar lounge a distinguished look.


Circus Circus 

Ever since 1976, visitors of Circus Circus have been greeted on the roadside of S Las Vegas Boulevard by an illuminated ​​123-foot-tall “Lucky the Clown” and a big top entrance lined with dazzling lights.


Flamingo Las Vegas 

This luminous pink feathered sign grabs your attention as soon as you enter The Strip. The iconic display is one of Vegas’ first neon signs at The Flamingo, designed after showgirl outfits, and still stuns to this day.


Fountains of Bellagio

A go-to tourist attraction for a reason, the Fountains of Bellagio are a crowd-pleasing aquatic performance enhanced by music and light day in and day out. Stop by with the crowd to catch a show every 15-30 minutes.


Circa Las Vegas and Golden Gate Las Vegas LightsCredit: APK


Golden Gate Hotel & Casino

As the first hotel in Las Vegas, Golden Gate has seen a lot of developments over the years since 1906, including the lights! Sitting across from the modern Circa lights, Golden Gate shows some old school charm and dazzling history.


High Roller Ferris Wheel

One of the most noticeable attractions of the Las Vegas skyline is the High Roller Ferris Wheel that lights the night sky in shades of neon with every turn it takes. It’s also a wonderful spot to watch the lights below.


Legacy Club

Seeing the lights in Las Vegas from above is a really beautiful experience. At Legacy Club rooftop bar, sip on some sparkling Champagne as you see the sparkling lights of Las Vegas from the 60th floor, beautiful at any time of day.


Meow Wolf

Found in AREA15 along with some of the coolest things in Las Vegas is Meow Wolf, an immersive experience filled with surreal settings and innovative art made with light. Be sure to explore every hallway and exhibit!


The Mirage Volcano

Boom. Pow. Wow! The fiery attraction in the front yard of The Mirage is a show-stopping experience of volcanic eruption and flying fireballs. This might be one of the most unique light shows in Las Vegas.


Neon Boneyard at the Neon Museum in Las VegasCredit: Elizabeth K. Joseph


Neon Museum

The kind of museum that would only exist in Vegas, the Neon Museum holds years of Vegas history. You can find more than 200 preserved and refurbished historic neon pieces, from burlesque signage to retro-modern.


Paris Las Vegas

A glimmering half-scale replica of the world-famous French landmark and a 180-foot neon globe modeled after the “Montgolfier Balloon” make up two of the most recognizable features of the city’s skyline at Paris Las Vegas.


Peppermill Restaurant 

Peppermill is a timeless restaurant known in Vegas for its cool atmosphere and moody interior lighting. Neon lights around the ceiling and booths, lit fire pits, and natural elements make this one unique spot.


Viva Vision Light Show

Right above the Fremont Street walkway through the pedestrian mall, you can find the Viva Vision LED digital display – the largest LED display in the world. Walk under to enjoy the visuals synched with fun music.


Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

Last but not least, there can’t be a list of Vegas signs without the most nostalgic and iconic of them all. The symbol of the city itself, the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign is a must-see on anyone’s Vegas bucket list!


No matter where you are in town, it’s such a fun experience walking around town and seeing the prettiest lights of the Las Vegas streets. Fire spectacles, ferris wheels, and neon signs galore. You can turn in any direction and find a brightly illuminated path of glitter, making the nickname of Glitter Gulch so appropriate! Next time you’re in town, book a room at Golden Gate Las Vegas to be in the heart of the Downtown Las Vegas lights and not too far from the lights of The Strip!