Las Vegas Black Friday Deals, Tips, and Planning

Woman Looking for Vegas Black Friday Shopping Deals

While in-person shopping might be a bit different this year, that doesn’t mean the Las Vegas Black Friday deals are on pause! This year still promises a number of wonderful discounts and deals on many things, from retail to travel. Whether you decide to shop online or in person, discover where to find the best deals and tips on how to have a successful Black Friday shopping experience in 2020.


Las Vegas Black Friday Tips


Keep COVID in Mind

While Black Fridays in years past were full of massive crowds and long lines along store fronts, the pandemic has completely changed the game. It’s still uncertain how retailers will handle the biggest shopping day of the year with COVID-19 in mind, but there are a couple theories being talked about.

Retail experts believe that the traditional hustle and bustle of customers scrambling to find the best Las Vegas Black Friday deals will not exist this year. With pandemic guidelines being enforced, you should expect to see a lot of Black Friday shopping deals shift online to retailer websites. 

Another probable theory to consider is that Black Friday may start earlier this year and last multiple days. Retailers want to be sensitive to their customers’ health and avoid overcrowding in stores. Starting early and extending sales will help to calm the frenzy and keep capacity down in stores, while also improving shipping times for online orders.

Although these ideas are all speculation, you should definitely keep these considerations top of mind as you prepare for Black Friday 2020. Make a list of the stores you want to buy from and do your research!


Take Advantage of Apps and Social Media

Before the world was hit by the pandemic, using apps and social media was a smart tactic for finding the best Black Friday shopping deals. Now more than ever, this is a crucial tip because of the need to shop online and stay safe.

Research your favorite Vegas stores and check to see if they offer any special promotions or deals for downloading their app or visiting their social media profiles. For example, Las Vegas Premium Outlets North and South have Facebook pages announcing some of their best discounts and deals.


Woman Online Shopping on Black Friday


Prioritize Online Shopping

As mentioned already, online shopping is going to play a key role in finding Las Vegas Black Friday deals this year. While you can still shop in-person, there are going to be countless deals online that you don’t want to miss. Hop on your laptop and give it a go! And remember to start checking on deals much earlier than you have in past years.


Plan Ahead for In-Person Shopping

Just because online shopping is the front runner for Black Friday 2020 doesn’t mean you can’t plan for in-person shopping. For some, getting up at the crack of dawn and waiting in line are nostalgic Black Friday rituals that need to be continued. 

If that’s the Black Friday you envision for yourself, work ahead of time to research or contact your chosen retailers to see what they’re plans are. Check on store hours, capacity limits, dates, and other COVID-19 regulations that will impact your shopping experience.


Avoid the Strip

If you live in Vegas, you most likely know that shopping on the Strip isn’t the best idea if you’re shooting for big savings. Yes, it’s a dazzling shopping destination full of pretty lights and infectious excitement, but the most you’ll want to buy here is a souvenir or two. Opt for alternative stores away from the Strip and your bank account will thank you! 


Where to Find Las Vegas Black Friday Deals


Shows and Attractions

Vegas is well known for its world-class shows and thrilling attractions, so why not score on some cheap tickets on Black Friday? The Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil, and Criss Angel are just a few that are still performing amidst the pandemic.

Besides shows, get the best Black Friday shopping deals on fun attractions that normally cost a pretty penny. Best of Vegas is offering up to 50% off on activities such as the LINQ High Roller, Grand Canyon bus tours, Escapology Escape Rooms, and more! 


Luxury Las Vegas Penthouse at Golden Gate Hotel & Casino



Las Vegas hotels have already been giving out amazing discounts on rooms during the pandemic, and there’s no doubt these deals will continue through Black Friday. Book your stay at some of the best hotels in Downtown Las Vegas like Golden Gate Hotel and the D Hotel that are just steps away from the bars and restaurants on Fremont Street. If you’re wondering which of your favorite hotels and casinos are currently open, take a look at this list and call the hotels directly if you don’t see your first picks.

Many hotels will have Vegas Black Friday deals for future stays, so be sure to keep an eye out for some great travel discounts offered on the holiday.



Looking to plan your next trip to Vegas? Black Friday travel deals can’t be beat, so make sure you are following your go-to airlines and travel companies to stay informed on their hottest discounts. Whether you find deals for future trips or snag a last minute holiday flight to Las Vegas, it’s definitely worth the effort! Here are a handful of tips to help you get the biggest bang for your buck when it comes to Black Friday travel deals:

  • Be flexible with your travel plans
  • Shop individual carriers and travel agencies like Expedia and Kayak
  • Take a look at multiple airports
  • Research ahead of time


While Black Friday won’t be the same this holiday season, there is still much to be jolly about! With a good amount of planning and research, you can get the best Black Friday shopping deals on Vegas shows, attractions, flights, and more! As you prepare for your next trip to Vegas, take a look at all of the amenities and luxury rooms Golden Gate Hotel & Casino has to offer!