How to Plan for a Las Vegas Music Festival Weekend

Every year, the Las Vegas music festival roster becomes more and more impressive. From EDM to punk rock, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. If you’re coming to town to see some of your favorite artists, you’re going to want to prepare for an exciting weekend of music and classic Vegas energy. See tips on how to plan for and survive a Las Vegas music festival weekend to create some of the best memories ever!


Book a Hotel Room


Where you stay can make your Las Vegas music festival weekend a lot more convenient! With so many festivals taking place in or near Downtown Las Vegas, it’s a great idea to book a room in the area. Not only will you be close to the venue for easy access to the event, but you’ll also be right in the heart of DTLV for bars, restaurants, and activities to enjoy while not at the show. Since you will probably be spending more time at the event than in your room, comfort and convenience are key. But, you can also treat yourself and your festival crew to a weekend of luxury by booking a penthouse for a true Vegas experience.


Plan Transportation


Music festivals always bring in bigger crowds, which means getting where you need to go might prove to be a little more difficult than your typical Las Vegas weekend. Make a plan for how you’ll get to and from the music festival, and be prepared to have a little bit of a wait. Many of the music festivals are located in central spots and are easily walkable to Downtown Las Vegas or the Strip, which is a huge help in not needing to call an Uber or Lyft. For events like EDC Las Vegas, shuttles are often available to help with venue transportation, but rideshare is often a quicker and more comfortable option for a slightly higher price.


Friends Taking Selfie at Las Vegas Music Festival


Pack Appropriately


While Las Vegas has a lot of shopping to help replace anything you might have forgotten, take extra care to pack all your music festival essentials before you leave. This includes your festival outfits (and maybe some alternative options to choose from), comfortable shoes, reusable water bottles or hydration packs, toiletries, earplugs, and small bags like a fanny pack or compact backpack. Be sure to bring new, sealed items such as hand sanitizer, lip moisturizer, and gum, as many venues do not allow opened items. And don’t forget to bring some non-festival outfits as well so you can explore Las Vegas. If you forget anything, stop by Circa Collections for your needs!


Check the Weather


With Las Vegas music festivals taking place from spring to fall, the weather can change quite a bit between seasons and between festivals. From warm days and chilly nights in the spring and fall to scorching hot temperatures in the summer, it’s always important to check the weather leading up to your trip to Las Vegas for a music festival. On top of the temperature, you’ll want to keep your eye out for some windy days that sometimes hit the desert – while it’s rare, extreme wind can sometimes cause some stages to shut down, so look out for those announcements. In the week before your event, check the daily and hourly forecasts to see what to pack.


Crowd Having Fun at Las Vegas Music Festival Weekend


Be Prepared for Crowds


With great music comes great crowds. And you can expect a lot of crowds when attending a music festival in Las Vegas. The city is already a bustling spot, and adding people coming in to see their favorite lineup of artists makes it even more of a party. Not only will the festival be crowded, but you’ll also probably experience longer wait times to get rideshares and shuttles or to get into bars and clubs. If you’re prepared, it’ll make the experience better! Make friends with the people in line with you, and know you’ll eventually make it in. Don’t forget to use sunscreen if your events are during the day and you’ll be waiting in line in the sun.


Take Care of Yourself


The final tip for planning your Las Vegas music festival weekend is to take care of yourself! Don’t let your amazing weekend be held back by not feeling great. Eat well, drink plenty of water (and take electrolytes), bring painkillers and bandaids, apply sunscreen, use earplugs, wear comfortable clothes and shoes, get plenty of rest, and most of all, have an amazing time. The Las Vegas weather and weekend of dancing can take a toll on your body, so be sure to take all the precautions you need to keep yourself happy and healthy. Keep an eye out for your friends and fellow festival goers to have an epic weekend you’ll all remember.


If you’re coming to Las Vegas for a music festival, whether you’re a fan of EDM, country, Latin music, rock, or rap, you’re going to have one of the best weekends of your life. Check out the lineups for all our festivals have to offer, and start planning your trip ASAP! Book your room at Golden Gate Hotel Las Vegas to be near all the action of Downtown Las Vegas festivals, ones by the Strip, and even ones at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. On top of that, you’ll have a comfortable place to call home between days of enjoying your favorite artists.