Project BBQ Las Vegas

Project BBQ Food Truck

Walk down Fremont Street in Las Vegas and you’ll be greeted by the flashy lights of the hotels and casinos, the many gift shops and entertaining street performers, and countless food options to satisfy the hungry traveler. Enjoy gambling at The D, Golden Gate, or one of the many other casinos location in Downtown Las Vegas to get the full experience (and enjoy a complimentary drink as you are pulled onto the exciting gaming floor!). After you collect your winnings, try out some of the amazing food that this desert city has to offer. Speaking of great food, Fremont Street and Downtown Las Vegas are proud to announce the launch of Project BBQ, a permanent food truck serving up Southern classics.


Introducing Project BBQ LV

At 18 East Fremont Street Experience, in the pedestrian only part of Downtown, you will find the Project BBQ Las Vegas food truck! This local spot all started with a dream to build a better BBQ and the favorite cuisine is a huge part of the founders’ culture. Chef Rex is leading the mission and his culinary experience spans from the Pacific Rim to the Carolinas. In his own unique way, he has taken everything he’s learned and developed new, modern ways to grill. To Project BBQ, there are no boundaries when it comes to BBQ and its flavors (but don’t worry, the team still pays homage to traditional methods!). Using the highest quality of meat, including Certified Angus Beef, and bold spices, Project BBQ boasts some of the strongest flavors in the neighborhood.

You’ll find the Project BBQ food truck at the corner of Fremont and Main, right across from the Golden Gate Casino. Make yourself comfortable in this unique food alley and take in the graffiti wall, patio lights hanging above, and the synthetic grass. Grab lunch, dinner, or a late night snack from 11am-2am.



Meet the Chef

Making Fremont Street their home in March of 2017, Project BBQ has been nothing short of a success as their 1 year anniversary approaches. How did this world of BBQ begin, you might ask? Brought to the desert by 4 guys with big dreams, barbeque is not just a cuisine, it’s a culture and defines a lifestyle. Chef Rex leads the BBQ team by also bringing with him years of culinary experience and a diverse expertise in the world of BBQ, from the Pacific Rim all the way to the Carolinas, and not forgetting about Las Vegas in the middle. Upon developing this Las Vegas food truck, Chef Rex incorporated new and modern ways to bring the BBQ flavor to the desert, while also keeping the original BBQ style. When you stop by Project BBQ for a meal you can expect the highest quality meat, unique spices that develop the best tasting flavors, and a extensive menu to choose from!


Browse the Menu

In true food truck form, Project BBQ offers a simple, but delicious menu for their guests to browse upon. First, you choose your meat, whether that be the brisket, pulled chicken, or pulled pork. All three meats available on the menu are smoked in true BBQ style and seasoned to perfection, making it hard for guests to pick just one! Once you decided what you’re craving, the chosen protein is added to a french roll sandwich bun and topped with “truck made” coleslaw. Don’t forget to top off your meal with a side of homemade potato chips for the perfect lunch or dinner meal.

If you’re not in the mood for a sandwich, but you’re still looking to get your BBQ fix, indulge in Chef Rex’s signature dish, the “Garbage Bowl.” The Garbage Bowl is a frankenstein dish that Chef Rex created to satisfy all the taste buds at once. This BBQ creation consists of a handful of Project BBQ’s famous potato chips, covered with a portion of each meat available. All of this is then topped off with their tangy Carolina BBQ sauce, beer & cheese sauce, and don’t forget about the coleslaw and applewood smoked bacon to finish it off! Is your mouth watering yet?

Now that you know where it’s located, who brought it to the city, and what to order, it’s time to make your way over to the Project BBQ truck to find out for yourself just how delicious this Las Vegas food hub is. Make sure you grab a cold drink at the D Bar or LongBar located at the D Hotel Las Vegas before enjoying one of the best meals you’ll have while staying in Las Vegas.