Plan Your Own Walking Tour of Downtown Las Vegas

Couple Doing Downtown Las Vegas Walking Tour

Downtown Las Vegas is a city of many exciting things: dazzling casinos, beautiful hotels, world-class restaurants, and fun you can bet on. One of the best ways to see the city is a walking tour of Las Vegas, especially when the weather is mild. Downtown Las Vegas is an ideal spot to explore with so many great things nearby. Visit these spots for a walking tour that will show you all the best spots Downtown Las Vegas the next time you’re in town!


Downtown Las Vegas Walking Tour Activities


Fremont Street Experience

First and foremost when walking around Downtown Las Vegas is the Fremont Street Experience. This section of DTLV has so much to see just while walking around, from free street performers and flashy lights to a number of amazing bars and entrances to casinos. If you want to go up a little bit and fly instead of walk, try the SlotZilla Zip Line to soar over everyone below.



Many Las Vegas casinos are so big that you can easily spend a lot of time walking around one casino alone! Some Downtown Las Vegas casinos span multiple floors, so your walking shoes might actually be necessary. Luckily, you can rest your feet while sitting to play some slots or table games. Your casino drinks and the Dancing Dealers at Golden Gate Casino should help energize you for your walking tour!



Along with the many bars directly on Fremont Street like OneBar, D Bar, and Circa Bar, Downtown Las Vegas is home to a number of incredible bars throughout the area. Take a step inside of the hotels to find gems like Bar Prohibition!, BarCanada®, LONGBAR, Vegas Vickie’s, and if you go all the way up, Legacy Club atop the 60th floor of Circa Las Vegas. All your walking deserves a refreshment!


Sandwich at Saginaw’s Deli for Vegas Walking Tour Fuel



During your Downtown Las Vegas walking tour, carve out some time to grab a bite to eat. You can grab on-the-go meals like a hotdog from American Coney Island or barbecue from the Project BBQ food truck, or you can plan a sitdown meal somewhere casual such as 8 East or Saginaw’s Deli. Once you’re done with your walking tour, treat yourself to a nice meal at Andiamo Steakhouse or Barry’s Downtown Prime to refuel your body and rest your feet.



One of the best ways to get your steps in is with a shopping spree. One of the best places to shop in Vegas is at the Downtown Container Park that offers shops, fun restaurants, bars, and live entertainment to help make your walk even better. For local vendors, walk around the First Friday Downtown Las Vegas event. And at Circa Collections, you’ll find everything you need from Vegas essentials to designer brands – perfect for the start or end of your walk.



One of the best parts about Downtown Las Vegas is the art scene that makes the area fun and vibrant nearly everywhere you look. While simply walking around, you’ll find incredible murals, sculptures, and art installations around almost every corner. You can also add the Arts District to your Downtown Las Vegas walking tour list to check out even more pieces in some great galleries from local artists.



Going to a museum in Las Vegas might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it should absolutely be on your walking tour list. Downtown Las Vegas is home to a number of incredible museums to walk through, including the Mob Museum, Neon Museum, Las Vegas Natural History Museum, DISCOVERY Children’s Museum, Zac Bagans’ The Haunted Museum, and the Burlesque Hall of Fame.

When you book the Original 10 Package at Golden Gate, you also get 2 free passes to the Mob Museum while also getting to stay in one of the original 10 Golden Gate rooms from 1906!


Outside of Golden Gate on Downtown Las Vegas Walking Tour


Tips for Walking in Las Vegas


Pack Comfortable Shoes

You aren’t going to want to walk much if your feet start killing you. While the heels and dress shoes are definitely nice for some Vegas opportunities, also pack some comfortable shoes that you’ve already broken in to avoid sore feet or blisters. Packing a first-aid kit with band-aids can also be a life saver!


Check the Weather

While a lot of Downtown Las Vegas activities can be found inside or under the Viva Vision canopy, there are also some open spaces where the weather can affect your plans. Check the weather and temperature forecasts before your trip so you can pack properly, then also check every day so you can dress for the weather.


Go in One Direction

Go in one direction while exploring. Downtown Las Vegas has many levels, and it’s easier to walk between them if you stick in one direction. For example, go from the first floor of the Circa casino, up to the third floor of the sportsbook, then to the 60th floor to Legacy Club – don’t skip around from the sportsbook to the casino to the bar. 


Embarking on a walking tour is a great way to see Las Vegas. You can take in all that Downtown Las Vegas has to offer and stop along the way for a drink or a bite. Book a room at Golden Gate Las Vegas to be in the heart of downtown, and the perfect starting point for your walking tour.