Fun Las Vegas Classes and Workshops to Try

Group Doing Wine and Paint Classes in Las Vegas

Las Vegas has a reputation for being all about drinking, dancing, and gambling. While those activities are near and dear to our city and its history, it’s such a narrow look at our wonderful city today. One of our favorite ways to add a bit of diversity to a Las Vegas vacation itinerary is to attend a class! There are countless opportunities across the city, but here are few of the most popular to get you started:


Instructional Classes 


Paint & Sip

Sure, you could go to a bar and drink wine. Or you could add a bit of paint and make it an exciting night of sipping wine with friends as you learn new painting techniques at a paint and sip class. For 2.5-3 hours, you can paint away with all painting materials provided and an instructor there to help you create your masterpiece. From landscapes to self-guided freestyle afternoons, you can really let your creativity soar.



A hallmark activity of Vegas, there are a variety of classes aimed at improving your gambling skills. Whether you’re a first-timer looking to prevent losing hard on a hard hand or a seasoned pro wanting to brush up, these classes can be a fascinating look into the skill and chance behind it all. Plus, you might even get to learn about Las Vegas gambling culture and its impact on the city’s formation.


Glass Blowing 

Lastly, if you’d like a class where you can physically take something home with you, then might we suggest glass blowing? Glass blowing is an art that has been around for centuries, but due to the specialized equipment and safety measures necessary, many people haven’t had the chance to try it out for themselves. These Las Vegas courses for glass blowing are unique and will make memories for sure.


Cocktail from Legacy Club Cocktail Class in Las Vegas


Culinary Classes


Mixology Classes

With the wide selection of local bars and nightclubs, uniquely crafted cocktails like to take center stage. Learn how Vegas bartenders whip up the perfect cocktail without spilling a drop. Mixology classes are great for groups of any size, and you leave with one cool party trick! Test your bartending skills at the Elevated Spirits craft cocktail course at Legacy Club for an evening of higher learning, panoramic views, and crafted cocktails, along with the knowledge on how to craft your own cocktail recipe.


Winemaking Open House

The climate of nearby Southern California is great for the production of wine grapes. Get a peek behind the barrel to learn what goes into creating the perfect glass of wine. You’ll not only learn the process of wine-making, but also delve into what makes one wine different from another. This course takes you through how to taste wine so you can perfect your wine making skills.


Chef’s Table Dining

At Eataly Las Vegas, you can enjoy a culinary experience that will fill your stomach and mind. The Chef’s Table is a counter where you and up to 11 other people will enjoy learning the history and techniques of classic Italian cooking. From how to pronounce classic dishes like “bruschetta” to how to shape your pasta and tell the difference between robust and extra virgin olive oil.


Whiskey Tasting

Refine your palate with a spirits and whiskey tasting at Las Vegas Distillery, located 15-20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip in Henderson. Each private tasting is a fun blind taste challenge that encourages you to determine which whiskeys and spirits you are enjoying. Try the Spirits Challenge or the Big Whiskey Challenge to see if you really know your alcohol. They also offer discounts for ladies night, birthdays, and bachelor parties.


Woman Taking Las Vegas Courses for Acrobatics


Active Classes


Circus Performer Lessons

Ever thought about running away and joining the circus? Delight your inner child with a class in circus arts! Really put on a show with classes like trapeze, aerial arts, and tumbling from places like the Las Vegas Circus Center. With shows like Cirque du Soleil being some of the most popular in the city, these Las Vegas glasses will help you appreciate all the hard work that goes into those performances.


Pro Wrestling Lessons

Enter a different kind of ring and learn what it takes to be a pro wrestler. Beyond learning how to physically take down your opponent, in a pro wrestling class you’ll also learn in-ring psychology and character development. Everything you need to start your career as a pro wrestler! If you like to bet on fighting, understanding the craft can help you become a better bettor, too.


Mermaid Swimming Lessons

Who didn’t want to be a mermaid when they were a kid? Bring the fantasy to life with mermaid swimming lessons! Learn how to maneuver in a mermaid tail and even how to perform some sea-side tricks to impress. As the weather heats up in the city, these are the perfect Las Vegas classes to take. On top of that, they’ll surely redefine Las Vegas pool party season for you!


Ballroom Dancing

While stage performances might be the first to spring to mind when you think of dancing in Las Vegas, the ballroom dancing scene is just as robust. Learn the waltz or a bit of salsa before you hit up the clubs up and down the Strip. Even if you don’t consider yourself a good dancer, many of these styles help you create a foundation that can help you find your rhythm. 


From dancing and bartending to circus acts and mermaid tails, there certainly are a wide variety of classes and workshops you can attend during your trip to Las Vegas. The real trouble is deciding which ones to do now and which ones you’ll come back for on your next trip. No matter which classes in Las Vegas you decide to do, get started planning your trip to Las Vegas and be sure to book your room at Gold Gate Hotel & Casino.