How to Plan a Memorable Las Vegas 21st Birthday

Friends Celebrating 21st Birthday in Vegas

There’s nothing like celebrating turning 21 years old in the famous city of Las Vegas. Considered a party capital of the world, it’s a popular destination and one that offers a wide variety of ways to celebrate. It might be tempting to book a birthday flight ASAP, but before you hop on a flight, check out our top recommendations to plan a memorable Las Vegas 21st birthday trip.


Things to Consider for a 21st Birthday in Vegas


Las Vegas has so much to offer for 21st birthday trip ideas. It might be a little overwhelming to start planning with so many things to choose from, but taking a little bit of time to organize your thoughts can ensure you have the best 21st birthday in Vegas. You’ll want to be a bit spontaneous when planning your birthday trip, but having some plans in place will make sure you get to do everything you want. Be sure to consider these things while planning:

  1. Hotel
  2. Day Clubs
  3. Pool
  4. Nature Walks & Hikes
  5. Food & Drink
  6. Casinos
  7. Night Clubs
  8. Party Bus Rental
  9. Shows


Book Your Hotel


The first thing you need to plan when it comes to a 21st birthday trip to Las Vegas is your hotel. A good hotel goes beyond a place to crash. Places like the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino bring the glitz and glamor of Las Vegas’ past with modern comforts and amenities like our casino and some great Downtown Las Vegas bars perfect for celebrating your 21st birthday. For more space, the Golden Gate penthouses offer premium comfort and design – including an outdoor patio with lounge seating.

If you have a large crew, consider booking the bunk suite at Circa Las Vegas, a 21+ resort, where you and 7 of your friends can enjoy 4 sets of bunk beds, panoramic city views, a living room, and a bar to keep the celebrations going both in and out of the room.


Group of Hikers Navigate the Grand Canyon


Plan Some Day Time Activities


Day Clubs & Pools

Taking the time to recharge is vital to keeping your party going, and what better way to do that than relaxing by the pool? If an awesome pool-side experience is what you’re after, Circa Stadium Swim® at Circa Resort boasts six pools, a 135-foot screen, over 300 lounge chairs, and 30 daybeds. While staying at Golden Gate, you get 2 free passes to Stadium Swim for a day (or night) of watching sports, drinking drinks, and enjoying some great food. Make it even more special by renting your own cabana.

You can also start your party earlier by hitting up a day club. Just like a nightclub, day clubs offer a chance to mingle, dance, and enjoy a delicious drink of your choice. Some highly recommended day clubs you should check out are the Marquee Dayclub, Go Pool Beach Club, and Wet Republic. 


In-City Adventures & Excursions

For the thrill seekers, there are awesome experiences in and outside city limits. Go fast and furious on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway at Exotics Racing or take in the city from above by jumping from The Strat, the tallest observation tower in the country. 

Las Vegas is also conveniently located near beautiful natural landscapes that you can explore with a trip to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area or a visit to the Grand Canyon. Just make sure you pack sunscreen and your walking shoes! 


Group of Friends Toasting 21st Birthday Shots in Vegas


Browse Local Food & Drink


Your 21st birthday is as good a time as any to indulge in the delicacies of Las Vegas cuisine. Southwest snacks at El Dorado Cantina and Asian-inspired meals at 8 East are just two of the mouth watering options. Other menus to check out include Victory Burger, Andiamo Steakhouse, Barry’s Downtown Prime, and Project BBQ

While there are drinks abound from restaurants, casinos, and nightclubs, check these places out for a unique bar experience: 

As cliché as it is, consider dawning a birthday hat or sash. Fellow Vegas-goers will love to celebrate with you and you might find yourself receiving some gifted drinks as a present!


Check Out Local Casinos


In addition to being of-age to drink alcohol, at 21 years old you’re also able to gamble in the many fine casinos Las Vegas has to offer. Whether you go for an iconic roll of the dice or try your hand at the poker table, see if 21 is your lucky number. Pro-Tip: many casinos offer free drinks for players, making it the perfect pre-game to your night out.


When you’re looking for 21st birthday trip ideas, Las Vegas should be your very first choice to check off any box you have on your celebration list. Awesome bars for your first drink, 21-only pools and hotels, casinos, and more are all just a few of the things you can enjoy once you turn the magical age of 21. Book your room or suite – maybe even a penthouse – at Golden Gate Las Vegas for a great place to rest (and pregame) your big birthday!