Vegas in February: Cold Weather Activities for Everyone

Couple Visiting Las Vegas in February

Many people make winter vacation plans to Las Vegas to avoid the cold weather and snow where they live. Luckily, winter in Vegas doesn’t last long, so you’re in for a real treat if your hometown has snow in the forecast for a while. Temperatures stay between the mid-50s and 60s at the start of the year and begin to move back into the 70s in April, making the winter and early-spring months one of the most pleasant times to plan a visit.

If you are one of the families traveling for a lot of fun and little bit of warmth this February, we’ve found some of the best outdoor activities to enjoy and appreciate the cooler weather our city has to offer. See what to expect with weather in Vegas in February, along with our favorite cold weather activities, below.


Weather in Vegas in February

February weather in Las Vegas is the step between our chilly January temperatures (average high 60°F) and our warmer temperatures in March (average high 73°F). February weather averages to be a high of 64°F with a low of 42°F. As you can see, the lows can still get fairly chilly, so it’s best to pack layers. Desert nights can get especially cold, so be sure to pack your warm pajamas. While Vegas has an average of 294 sunny days a year, February tends to see more rainy days.

The moral of the story with Las Vegas weather in February? Pack with the intent to layer.


Woman Hiking in Mountains Near Vegas in Winter


Cold Weather Activities in Las Vegas

One of the best parts of winter in Vegas is the milder temperatures. While summer and spring are popular times to visit due to school breaks and pool parties, the winter is the perfect season to explore activities outside of the norm. Check out these activities in Vegas that will have you outside and enjoying the crisp, cool air.


People Watching

Okay, this activity is one you’ll probably do regardless of the weather, but we promise it’s even better during the winter. When it’s hotter outside, it can make it hard to take a leisurely stroll through Downtown Las Vegas or down The Strip when all you can think about is rushing to the blasting A/C inside. Walking around outside is much more pleasant when you can take your time and truly observe all the sights, people and street performances.


Shopping in the Downtown Container Park

We don’t know about you, but shopping after sweating isn’t always the most glamorous feeling. Shopping at the Downtown Container Park is perfect in the winter, because you get to enjoy the weather in Vegas in February while checking out all the awesome pieces of art all without breaking a sweat (unless you’re a really intense shopper). Check out their events schedule to see what fun activities they have planned – like karaoke in the park or wine tastings.


Horseback Riding through the Red Rocks

There is no need to confine yourself to the city when taking your Las Vegas trip in February. The shining lights and 24/7 attractions may seem like the most beautiful things in the world, but we encourage you to look around and see what else Nevada has to offer. Red Rock Canyon is located just 30 minutes outside of the city and offers breathtaking views. Try a horseback ride that will give you an experience like no other, without the worry of burning up in the weather.


Horseback Ride through Red Rock Canyon from Cowboy Trail Rides



Visiting Mt. Charleston

Another beautiful location to visit nearby Vegas in the winter is Mt. Charleston. Taking a Vegas-Mt. Charleston road trip will take you approximately 1.5 hours round trip, and is worth every second. While Las Vegas has a short and mild winter, Mt. Charleston stays chilly for a bit longer. A vast difference from the desert of Vegas, the Spring Mountains display beautiful snow-capped mountains and tall, green trees. Even if your trip was to avoid snow, this is a great exception.


Hiking Gold Strike Hot Springs

One last cold weather activity to explore when in Las Vegas is taking a trip to the Gold Strike Hot Springs. Doesn’t sitting in a natural hot spring sound like a perfect winter activity? But be warned! This adventure is strictly for the adventuring type, as the trail leading to the hot springs is listed as difficult. If you’re looking for a bit of hiking on your winter Las Vegas trip, taking the hour drive to take this hike filled with rock climbing and ropes, this is a trail to remember.

No matter which cold weather activity you choose to partake in this February, you are sure to have an amazing wither vacation experience. From people watching to intense hikes, wintertime truly is one of the most beautiful times to visit Las Vegas. Book your room with Golden Gate Hotel today to start exploring all that Vegas in February has to offer.