Road Trip to Vegas: Zion National Park to Las Vegas

Couple Taking Zion to Las Vegas Road Trip

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Utah road trippers have the joy of living driving distance to Las Vegas. Zion is one of the beautiful National Parks near Las Vegas, and is a great launching point for your road trip to the city. The stunning landscapes of Utah, Arizona, and Nevada grace your road trip, along with ghost towns, dinosaur discovery sites, and more!

Pack your bags, rally the troops, and fill the tank, because we have all the recommendations to have the best Zion National Park to Vegas road trip.


The Logistics: Route, Drive Time & Traffic

The drive to Las Vegas from Zion National Park is a fairly straight shot, with the I-15 S taking you right to the city. The drive takes anywhere between 2 hours 40 minutes and 3 hours 20 minutes, depending on factors like traffic, weather, and which part of Zion you start in. This route is short and sweet, which means you should have plenty of time to relax and take pit stops along the way.

Considering weekends are the most popular, you should anticipate heavy traffic which can add additional time to your drive. Allow for longer drive times if you plan on traveling during the holidays or when there are big Las Vegas events. If possible, leave on a less-popular day like Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday to avoid heavy traffic getting in to Las Vegas.


Zion to Las Vegas Road Trip Stops


Pit Stops on Drive from Zion to Las Vegas


Kolob Reservoir | 170 Miles to Vegas

While the Kolob Reservoir is a popular fishing spot, you probably won’t want to go trout fishing at the start of your road trip to Vegas. Instead, enjoy the views of the water and the beautiful scenery on the west side of Zion National Park.


Grafton Ghost Town | 158 Miles to Vegas

Found by pioneers in 1847 and established as a thriving cotton settlement in 1859 due to its flat land and access to the Virgin River. Grafton Ghost Town is now a historic reminder of Utah’s pioneer past.


Zion Zipline | 149 Miles to Vegas

Opening Spring of 2019, the Zion Zipline promises to provide 3500 feet of ziplining fun through Zion Canyon. Before getting your thrills in Vegas, soar at 70MPH from the lava cliff tops for a truly exhilarating experience.


Silver Reef Museum | 136 Miles to Vegas

Pack in another visit to a ghost town on your Zion to Las Vegas Road Trip – this time at a silver mining boom town from the late 1800s. The Silver Reef Museum provides tours of the mines, trails, jail, and more fascinating sites.


Snow Canyon State Park | 128 Miles to Vegas

Filled with beautiful geographical features, intriguing flora and fauna, and a rich history like petroglyphs, Snow Canyon State Park is a majestic stop on the Zion to Vegas drive. Marvel at the red Navajo sandstone and enjoy the view.


St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site | 120 Miles to Vegas

You won’t have to dig very much to find an exciting thing to do on your drive to Las Vegas. The St. George Dinosaur Discovery Site features captivating Early Jurassic fossils, history, and research on your favorite dinosaurs.


Virgin River Gorge | 100 Miles to Vegas

Your road trip to Vegas from Zion wouldn’t be complete without the picturesque drive through Virgin River Gorge. After crossing in to Arizona, you’ll find a 24-mile drive along the interstate that is sure to add visual interest to your trip.


Little Jamaica Natural Swimming Hole | 97 Miles to Vegas

Little Jamaica, located in Littlefield, Arizona, is a man-made pool supplied by a natural mountain spring. Stop by to dip your feet in this desert oasis for a relaxing stop on your way to Sin City.


Mesquite, Nevada | 81 Miles to Vegas

Before hitting up the casinos in Las Vegas, take a pit stop in Mesquite, Nevada. This town offers a range of things to do for everyone, from gamblers to golfers to hikers.


Lost City Museum | 64 Miles to Vegas

The Lost City Museum is located a little off the beaten path, but gives a wonderful look at artifacts found at the local prehistoric archaeological sites. While you’re in the area, check out the Valley of Fire and the beautiful landscape.

Some say life isn’t only about the destination, it’s about the journey. If you’re planning your next trip to Las Vegas, consider hitting the road and making an adventure out of it.