Making a Millionaire! Our Most Recent Jackpot Winner

Jackpot Winner with Derek Stevens

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It was an unassuming June morning just like any other at the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino. The sun was just beginning to shine its bright rays in the Nevada sky and heat up the asphalt of Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas. Many visitors who had traveled from far and wide slept soundly and dreamt of unforgettable nights on their Vegas vacation. Early risers were already up and ready for the hustle and bustle of the day ahead. Little did one of them know that she was about to make history and become the Jackpot winner at the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino. Maybe her sweatshirt from the D, our sister property, was a good luck charm!

It only takes one lucky player to change everything and become a millionaire. Stepping up to the Million Degrees game at Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, patron and Wisconsin-native Rhonda could not have predicted what was about to happen to her that early morning. On June 5th, 2018 at precisely 6:31 am, Rhonda’s life would be changed forever. In an attempt to win a car while playing the Million Degrees game, Rhonda was overcome with excitement when she realized she had won much more than a car- $1,453,640.47 to be exact.

An accomplished member of the Solo online community of Vegas aficionados, Rhonda has over 35,000 Solo points, and her new title of ‘Jackpot Winner’ may not come as a surprise to any of those who have already witnessed her posts announcing this historical Jackpot win.

Rhonda, or should we say the newest member of Golden Gate royalty, spent the rest of her stay in Downtown Las Vegas celebrating her big Jackpot win in the Penthouse suite of Golden Gate where she belonged. Our team sent Rhonda home, after what is safe to say a trip to Las Vegas she will never forget, with a framed photo of our celebration that followed her big win, as well as a photo of the nine spots on the Million Degrees machine that turned her into a millionaire.

Congrats on the big win! Will you be our next jackpot winner? Take a spin to find out.