Where to Get the Perfect Tan in Las Vegas this Summer

Woman Tanning in Las Vegas by the Pool

Pools, lakes, and rooftop bars are just a few places to work on your tan for the summer. Las Vegas tanning can be found all around the city, from tanning salons to getting some natural color by taking an adventurous hike. Because Las Vegas is warm most of the year, you are likely to get plenty of time to sunbathe on your visit. The best time to enjoy tanning outdoors in Las Vegas is June through September. Because it is a high desert, Las Vegas is hottest (and often uncomfortably so) at the height of summer and colder in October through May.

Find some of our favorite places to have fun in the sun so you’re prepared to rock a tan all summer long!


The Best Spots for Las Vegas Tanning


By the Pool

The Las Vegas pool scene is one to marvel at, and it’s definitely one of the best ways to get a Vegas sun tan. Whether you choose to lounge poolside or hit up one of the city’s many daytime pool parties, we can’t think of a better place to catch some rays. An extra bonus? Water reflects the sun to give you some extra tanning power. Just be sure to pack your sunscreen and tanning oil to get a safe and healthy tan at the pool.

Be sure to check out Circa Stadium Swim® at Circa Las Vegas the next time you head to the pool. When you book your stay at Golden Gate hotel, you receive two free passes to Stadium Swim. From relaxing in the lounge chairs with a drink from the bar to cheering on your favorite teams while in one of the six pools, the Circa Las Vegas pool amphitheater is the perfect place for Las Vegas tanning.


Legacy Club Rooftop Bar in Las Vegas


At a Bar or Restaurant

One of the best things about Las Vegas is the city’s great weather allowing for plenty of outdoor dining options. Outdoor restaurants and rooftop bars are all around the city and are a great opportunity to get a tan while having a meal or grabbing a drink. Restaurants may result in longer sun exposure in one spot due to sitting for a longer time, so take that into account when planning your tan. For a more even tan, a bar crawl keeps you on the move and allows the sun to hit all angles of your body. If you are drinking and in the sun, take extra care to stay hydrated!


Around the Lake

One of the more unique ways to get a tan in Las Vegas is by visiting the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Just 30 minutes from the city, Lake Mead offers a wide range of hiking trails and beaches to help you get a tan while enjoying one of Nevada’s natural beauties. If you want to lay in the sun, you can find a quiet cove somewhere along the hiking trails by the water, or you can check out one of the more popular beaches and swimming areas such as Boulder Beach. Be mindful that this area can get a bit rocky, so you will want to bring something to sit on and ideally some swim shoes.


Exploring the City

If you don’t want to drive out of the city to get a tan while being active outdoors, no worries! With so many things to do outside in Las Vegas, your skin will naturally pick up color simply by walking around and exploring the city. With places such as the LINQ Promenade, Downtown Container Park, and Neon Museum to check out outside, you’ll have a fun activity while getting some vitamin D. And just because you aren’t hiking doesn’t mean you should take fewer sun precautions. Make sure you apply sunscreen before leaving your hotel room and reapply as needed throughout the day.


Woman Getting Spray Tan at Las Vegas Tanning Salon


In the Tanning Salon

Sometimes, tanning outside isn’t always the ideal situation, and there are definitely other ways you can get a Las Vegas tan when you visit. If the weather isn’t great one day, you’re avoiding sun exposure, or you just want to get color a bit quicker than a natural sun tan, a tanning salon might be the perfect option for you. There are many tanning salons available throughout Las Vegas to help you get a quick, easy tan that looks great. Whether you choose a tanning bed or a spray tan, there are plenty of options to best fit your preferences.


Getting a Las Vegas tan might be the most fun you can have while getting some color. If you’re relying on the sun for your tan, always be sure to put on the proper sun protection and stay hydrated! You certainly don’t want a tan-gone-wrong and end up with a painful burn during your trip to Las Vegas. From relaxed pool hangs and rooftop bars to classic tanning salons, you can work on your tan a number of ways depending on your preferences. Who knew Vegas could offer so many fun options for your beauty routine?!