7 of the Most Interesting Conventions in Las Vegas

People at Convention in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is full of interesting things, including the conventions held here all year long. From big business conventions to pizza expos and magic trade shows, there really is no shortage of conventions held here in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas convention center hosts the majority of the Vegas conventions, but a few of the smaller ones are sprinkled throughout the city in hotel ballrooms and meeting centers.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many of the 2021 conventions have been moved online or are operating at limited capacity, but each of these Las Vegas conventions is on track for fully in-person conventions in 2022. On your next trip to Vegas, perhaps switch it up and visit a convention, expo, or trade show while you’re in town! 


Unique & Interesting Las Vegas Conventions


Consumer Electronics Show

The Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, has been hailed as the most influential tech event in the world. This convention has seen innovativeness, products that will redefine markets, and technology that is years into the future. The convention is for every aspect of the tech sector. But you can bet upon visiting, you’ll spot some pretty cool gadgets as you walk through the convention. Not to mention, you’ll hear from the brightest minds in tech. 


Bowling Pins and Lane for Las Vegas Convention


International Gay Bowling Organization Annual Tournament

Every year, the International Gay Bowling Organization hosts their annual tournament in Las Vegas. With over 8,000 members worldwide, the organization continues to grow as the largest bowling community for members of the LGBT+ community. The tournament attracts some serious talent and world-class bowling. Hosted at both the Orleans Hotel and Casino and the Suncoast Hotel and Casino here in Las Vegas, this tournament is a massive event. 


Nightclub and Bar Show

In a normal year, the Nightclub and Bar Show is a feature of the latest practices, disciplines, and successes in the food and beverage industry. But this year, the conference is pivoting, as hundreds of thousands of restaurants have had to do during the COVID-19 pandemic. This year’s conference is going to cover the ways that restaurants can find a road to recovery. It’s no secret that the pandemic has been particularly hard on the restaurant industry. This conference will give attendees restaurant owners the tools to keep their businesses open and the restaurant industry flourishing. 


Martial Arts During the Las Vegas Martial Arts Supershow


Martial Arts Supershow

The Martial Arts Supershow that takes place in Las Vegas is the biggest of its kind in the world of Martial Arts. From practical lessons to martial arts training and tips on running your martial arts business, the conference really covers it all. From students, instructors, school owners, and spectators, this conference is quite an interesting Las Vegas convention. The Martial Arts Supershow attracts practitioners of martial arts from all over the country and around the world. If you can get a chance to attend this Las Vegas convention, you might catch some demonstrations and leave with a newfound interest in the practice of martial arts. 


Big Boys Toys – The Innovation & Luxury Lifestyle Exhibition

This Big Boys Toys, or BBT, convention is an innovation and luxury lifestyle exhibition that showcases innovative, luxurious, and groundbreaking “toys” and services. The Las Vegas convention attracts manufacturers from around the world, industry investors, entrepreneurs, and curious visitors. The exhibition is primarily an opportunity to showcase these new products, ranging from jewelry, Jacuzzis, cars, gadgets, apparel, and a range of service offerings as well.

It’s quite a business-focused convention, mainly with investors looking for their newest venture, but if you can get a hold of a ticket, you’ll most definitely have a great time roaming the aisles at the convention while you take a look at all of the latest and greatest innovative and luxurious offerings on display. 


Man Making Pizza for International Pizza Expo in Vegas


International Pizza Expo

Perhaps the most delicious of all of the Las Vegas conventions is the International Pizza Expo, the largest pizza show in the world. The expo includes competitions, workshops, cooking classes, and tips on how to run your pizza business. The expo attracts restaurateurs, world-class pizza chefs, and also some avid pizza lovers. If you choose to attend, make sure to watch some of the masterclasses. You might learn a trick or two to make some world-class pizza at home!


MAGIC Marketplace

The MAGIC Marketplace isn’t exactly what you’d think. No, it’s not magic. But rather, it’s a conference displaying trend-driven and contemporary apparel, footwear, and accessories. The convention, or marketplace, is a display of new trends in mass-market apparel at affordable price points. This Las Vegas convention is high-energy, creative, and exciting, as it attracts retailers of all sorts. The conference covers trend forecasting, market intelligence, and fosters new perspectives for the fashion industry as a whole. 


Each of these Las Vegas conventions is unique and interesting in its own way. From pizza expos to fashion shows and toy conventions and business conferences, there is no shortage of intrigue at these world-class conventions. Book a room today at Golden Gate to be right in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, where you’ll be just a short distance away from this year’s conventions