How to Keep New Year’s Resolutions in Vegas

List for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions in 2020

Setting a resolution is a great way to  motivate yourself in the new year. But let’s be honest, it can be easy to fall off, especially if you’re on vacation. Luckily, sticking to New Year’s resolutions isn’t as hard as you would think in Las Vegas.

Stop thinking of Vegas as Sin City. With your New Year’s resolutions fresh on your mind, these tips will help you stay on track when visiting Vegas. From saving money to being healthy, sticking to resolutions has never been so fun. Read below to see how to keep New Year’s resolutions going strong even when you are enjoying your vacation.


Las Vegas New Year’s Resolution Tips

Year after year, many people set forth on January 1st to set new resolutions for the year ahead, from changes to lifestyle to reaching goals and aspirations. After surveying 2,000 people, Inc. found that at the start of 2019, the top 5 New Year’s resolutions are to diet or eat healthier (71%), exercise more (65%), lose weight (54 %), save more and spend less (32%), and learn a new skill or hobby (26%).

Below you will find how to keep New Year’s resolutions while visiting Vegas.


Healthy Diet for Sticking to New Year's Resolutions


Your Resolution: Eat Healthier

Your solution: Try one of the many healthy restaurants in Las Vegas that offers both delicious and nutritious foods. Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavor, and the chefs in Vegas will not disappoint. Whether you’re looking for a quick smoothie or want a full meal for your diet in the new year, there are plenty of options to keep your tastebuds happy while sticking to New Year’s resolutions.


Your Resolution: Enjoy Time with Friends & Family

Your solution: Coming to Vegas is always a blast when you have a group. This is one of the most exciting New Year’s resolution tips, as it works as the perfect reason to plan a trip to Vegas. Gather your closest family and friends to take a bonding trip to Vegas for a vacation that will be one to remember. Vegas is perfect for any group as there are many activities available for everyone to enjoy, from shopping to shows.


Your Resolution: Focus on Self Care

Your solution: Hit the spa! With so much to do in Las Vegas, it can be easy to forget to take a step back and give yourself a chance to breathe. The city is filled with luxurious spas to help you unwind. Self care can also consist of something as simple as sitting by the pool and reading your favorite book for an hour. Whatever you need to do to focus on yourself, Vegas is the perfect place to pick up on this goal for the new year.


Your Resolution: Get in Shape

Your solution: Working out on vacation isn’t always the most exciting thing, but Vegas makes it fun. Make things simple by hitting up the hotel gym every morning for a pick-me-up that will get you going for the day (and maybe sweat out any bad decisions from the night before). If you want to mix it up a little bit, laps in the hotel pool can be refreshing exercise while a hike in Red Rock Canyon offers new scenery and fresh air.


Person Learning to Drive Luxury Car in Las Vegas


Your Resolution: Learn a New Skill

Your solution: Las Vegas is the land of opportunity. Learning how to play a new game in the casino, brushing up on your sports betting skills, cooking classes, lessons at the gun range, luxury car racing, and practice rounds at the golf course are just a few of the options for learning a new skill for your New Year’s resolutions. With so much variety in the city, it is almost impossible to not find an activity that excites you.


Your Resolution: Save Money

Your solution: With casinos, luxury hotel rooms, culinary experiences, exciting activities, and shows everywhere you look, it might be hard to believe that you can save money in Las Vegas when sticking to New Year’s resolutions. While it’s true that these things cost money, you can minimize your spending by creating a budget before your trip and sticking to it. There are still plenty of affordable and fun things to do without breaking the bank.


Your Resolution: Travel More

Your solution: You are likely already in travel mode when you’re in Vegas, but use this opportunity to explore even more than you normally would. Sure, there’s the Strip, but the city and surrounding have so much more to offer. Travel around Las Vegas and check out wonders like Downtown Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon, the Hoover Dam, and more. This might be the perfect time to take a road trip and take your New Year’s travel to the next level.


Learning how to keep New Year’s resolutions in Las Vegas is much easier than you would think. There is even a chance your new, healthy habits and life goals will stick with you once you leave the city. Don’t hold yourself back when visiting Las Vegas in the new year, and see that sticking to New Year’s resolutions while still enjoying yourself is a breeze.