Attend the 9th Annual Great Vegas Festival of Beer

Friends Enjoying Beer Festival in Las Vegas

If you consider yourself a beer aficionado or a cicerone-in-training, visiting Sin City in April for an epic beer festival in Las Vegas is a must. On April 5-6, Motley Brews is putting on the 9th annual Great Vegas Festival of Beer, an experience filled with over 100 breweries and over 500 craft brews to sip on while indulging in beer-inspired cuisine. On top of that, the weather in April is perfect for enjoying a brew out in the open air at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center venue!


What to Expect at the Great Vegas Festival of Beer

Read below to see how to enjoy all that the Great Vegas Festival of Beer promises: great beers, great bites, great fun, and great music.


Great Beers

Obviously, this is a given! If you’re a fan of beer, there will be no shortage of drinks to try. Over 500 beers will be available from over 100 breweries at this giant beer tasting in Las Vegas. You’ll find a number of local Las Vegas breweries, including Ellis Island, Hop Nuts, Big Dog’s, and Lovelady Brewing Company. There will also be a number of guest breweries attending, including Stone Brewing Co., Brooklyn Brewery, Mason Ale Works, and Lagunitas Brewing.

Think it just stops at beer? Keep an eye out for ciders, meads, spiked seltzers, and more! The drinking gets even more exciting with the 2019 Mad Craft Experience. This event is a time for breweries and chefs to explore their adventurous side. Participants are encouraged to experiment with beer and compete for categories such as “Best Beer Cocktail: A cocktail that is 50% beer and non-beer ingredients are used” and “Best Beer Blend: A blend of 2+ beers.”


Beer and Food at Great Vegas Festival of Beer

Credit: Great Vegas Festival of Beer Facebook Page


Great Bites

Behind every great beer is a great bite. A Las Vegas beer fest wouldn’t be complete without some delicious food for pairing. In 2019, the Great Vegas Festival of Beer is featuring Chef Jose Navarro of Stache & Suit and Chef Geno Bernardo of The Summit Club as the VIP chefs for the event. In addition to these chefs, you can find a wide range of foods to prevent you from drinking on an empty stomach.

Food will also be served from gastro pubs and food trucks such as Good Pie, Strip Chezze, Flat Top’s Burgers & Shakes, Monti’s Smokehouse BBQ, and more. For the Mad Craft Experience, try a bite from restaurants such as Esther’s Kitchen, Tacos & Beer, A Family Secret, HEXX Kitchen & Bar, and Tacotarian.


Great Fun

While a weekend of beer tasting in Las Vegas may seem awesome enough, this fest takes it one more step beyond with the unique and fun experiences. The Motley Brews beer festival in Las Vegas aims to create a fully immersive beer experience that takes you beyond the pint. This year’s festival features 6 unique experiences from festival participants and sponsors. These experiences include:

  • Motifs, Monuments, Murals, and Magic hosted by
  • Center Bar hosted by PT’s Brewing Co. and BLVD & Main
  • Front Yard Karaoke hosted by Ellis Island
  • Silent Disco hosted by Brooklyn Bowl
  • PKWY Tavern Glamping hosted by PKWY Tavern
  • Great Vegas Arcade hosted by Hi Score Bar-Arcade


Silent Disco Event at the Great Vegas Festival of Beer

Credit: Great Vegas Festival of Beer Facebook Page


Great Music

After drinks, food, and entertainment, there is only one missing piece to this epic Las Vegas beer fest – music! We don’t think there is much better than dancing to some live music in the Vegas April weather while sipping on a beer. At the 2019 Great Vegas Festival of Beer, you’ll be able to jam at the main stage with Las Vegas-based Hip Hop Jazz band The Lique and Zack Gray who performs dynamic vocals alongside atmospheric R&B.

Feeling a little bolder after a few tasters of liquid courage? You can also get your musical fix with Front Yard Karaoke. Or, if you want a unique musical experience, get groovy and boogie down at the Brooklyn Bowl Silent Disco.


How to Prep for a Las Vegas Beer Fest

Enjoying a cold one shouldn’t be complicated, and luckily preparing for a beer festival in Las Vegas is no different. If you are attending the Great Vegas Festival of Beer, be sure to book a room at Golden Gate Hotel. With less than a 10-minute walk to the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, it is the perfect location for access to the festival and overall enjoyment of Downtown.

The most important thing to note is hydration. While not too hot yet, the temperatures in April tend to creep up to the 80s. Higher temperatures, drinking, and exposure to the sun can all lead to quick dehydration. Becoming dehydrated can lead to severe symptoms, which will definitely put a damper on a weekend of beer tasting in Las Vegas. Drink responsibly, and don’t forget sunscreen and water.