How Downtown Las Vegas is Changing the Scene in 2021

Aerial Shot of Downtown Las Vegas at Dusk

Downtown Las Vegas is challenging what “Vegas” really means, as it’s changing the scene in 2021. Over the past few years, there has been a boom of new restaurants, bars, properties, and opportunities to excite. It’s about time that downtown Vegas is once again the place to be.


History of Downtown Vegas


Vegas wouldn’t be Vegas without downtown and the legendary history that fostered the city. After the first Vegas hotel, Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, opened its doors, Las Vegas became a destination. While the hotel stayed open through a gambling ban and prohibition, underground bars and parlors opened up and many of these establishments are still open today. 

Golden Gate’s own Bar Prohibition! has a rich history that stretches back into the days of the prohibition, and it is still open today. From the era of the Rat Pack and Howard Hughes, who at one point owned most of the hotels in Vegas, downtown also saw debut performances from The Beatles and Elvis Presley. All while having some of the best bars, casinos, and hotels in the city.

But downtown has had decades to expand and grow since then, and with the introduction of new hotels and casinos, world-famous restaurants and bars, and an entertainment scene like no other, downtown is reclaiming its Vegas glory.


Andiamo Steakhouse in Las Vegas at the D


The Restaurant and Bar Scene


Some of the best things to do in downtown Las Vegas? Eat and drink. With seemingly endless options, there’s something for everyone. Many of today’s bars and restaurants have adapted their day-to-day from businesses that were there from the beginning of it all and truly encompass Vegas’ deep history. But what’s so special about these bars and restaurants is that many of them are small businesses and bring a great authenticity to downtown.


Downtown Las Vegas Restaurants 

Vegas is a culinary paradise for casual diners and foodies alike. With world-famous chefs in kitchens across the city, you’re sure to score some stellar meals during your visit. But over the past few years, there has been a boom of restaurants downtown. Each spot has something unique to offer, whether it be their menu, interior, or atmosphere. These restaurants downtown bring a special, authentic vibe to the Vegas food scene. Oh, and the food is phenomenal too. 

Some downtown favorites include Evel Pie, Eat., Bocho Sushi, Le Thai, Shinya Maru Ramen and Izakaya, and La Comida, but the list doesn’t stop there. And many of these restaurants continue to offer outdoor seating to accommodate coronavirus recommendations, including Therapy and Triple George Grill.

Many hotels in Downtown Las Vegas are home to great restaurants as well. Andiamo Steakhouse at the D offers a fine-dining experience with delicious entrees. Circa’s Victory Burger is downtown’s ultimate sports bar, with a selection of killer burgers, wings, and appetizers. And with downtown’s only permanent food truck, Project BBQ will give you a front row seat to the action on Fremont Street as you sit in Circa’s “backyard.”


Downtown Las Vegas Bars

Downtown is home to dozens of bars. Whether you’re in the mood for a beer and a game, a frozen cocktail, or some whiskey, there’s something for everyone. The sheer abundance of bars makes it difficult to choose which spots to stop at, but no matter what, we’re sure you’ll enjoy it. There are some stand-out bars in downtown that have helped transform the downtown bar scene. 

There is no shortage of bars in downtown and no matter what you’re looking for, I promise, it exists. With many bars adhering to social distancing guidelines, there are dozens of bars that offer outdoor patio or terrace seating. Oak & Ivy, a new-age whiskey bar in the heart of downtown, has been a pioneer in changing the downtown Vegas scene. The Laundry Room, a speakeasy (shhh) located inside of Commonwealth, will keep the drinks flowing on their rooftop with views of Vegas. Circa’s Legacy Club offers sweeping views of the city and signature cocktails on their outdoor terrace. With so many to choose from, you’re bound to end up at some of the best bars in Downtown Las Vegas.


Penthouse at Golden Gate Hotel & Casino in Downtown Las Vegas


Hotels & Casinos


Downtown Vegas has every kind of hotel & casino you can dream of, and with properties from the city’s beginnings  and developments that just opened, you can have the true, authentic Vegas experience while getting the best and newest accommodations. Downtown is home to truly some of the best hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.


Golden Gate Hotel & Casino

Vegas’ original hotel and casino, Golden Gate, has spent their decades in the hospitality business making sure that your stay is as authentically Vegas as can be. With an expansive Casino and accommodations that pay homage to the rich history of downtown Vegas, Golden Gate Hotel & Casino is the heart of downtown. Their location next to the Fremont Street Experience also makes the property a great place to catch some live music and entertainment. Not to mention, you can visit their bar that was around during the prohibition era. 


Circa Resort & Casino

One of the newest downtown Las Vegas developments, Circa is home to modern accommodations with that classic Vegas feel. Circa is home to the largest Sportsbook in Las Vegas and their Circa Stadium Swim® reinvents the poolside experience. Circa Resort & Casino is dedicated to keeping their guests safe, with state-of-the-art air filtration technology and pool sanitation systems. The brand new property likes to refer to them as the “conduit between the Las Vegas of yesterday and the Las Vegas of tomorrow,” as they are proud of their location downtown and their tried and true authenticity.


the D Las Vegas Hotel & Casino

With a luxury feel with hints of vintage Vegas throughout their property, The D is yet another downtown gem. This downtown property packs the fun with a bar spanning the entire length of their casino floor. Their rooms are luxurious and comfortable, which will help you recharge and relax after your downtown Vegas adventures. With dozens of games to choose from on the casino floor and an abundance of entertainment, there will never be a dull moment at the D.


Downtown has experienced a renaissance over the past few years, as restaurants and new properties have popped up and changed the feel of downtown. As downtown Vegas changes the scene in the city, these restaurants, bars, and new developments are the place to be. With such a vibrant food and drink culture and hotel and casino scene, downtown is full of surprises that you won’t want to miss.