Club One FAQs

How can I check my points? Is your kiosk available to see any Free Slot Play (FSP) or able to redeem?

You can check your points or any FSP via our website ( or any Club One Desk. You can also insert your Club One card into any slot machine to view point balances. Our enrollment kiosks will not show account balances.

Are Comps or Club Offers allowed to be used at Legacy Club or Circa Stadium Swim®?

Only Comp dollars.

Are there any Veterans or military promotions by joining Club One?

Not currently

Do I get any FSP/ Incentive for joining Club One?

New Club One members are eligible for the 24-hour New Member Challenge. (provide breakdown and description on the website please).

How can I check if I have any club one promotions, FSP, etc.?

You can visit our website at, or by visitng any of the Club One desks. Offers cannot be provided over the phone.

If I join Club One, will I get validated parking?

Parking validation is provided to Club One members at the D and Golden Gate (up to 3 hours). Must present Club One card and ID upon validation.
Complimentary self park is available to Maverick and Legend cardholders. Complimentary valet is available to Legend cardholders only.
Complimentary parking is also available at the D and Golden Gate for hotel guests.

How do I earn tier credits/ how do I advance to a higher tier?

Tier credits can be earned by playing slots, table games, live keno, and by placing wagers at the sportsbook. Club One card must always be used during play to earn tier credits.

After I sign up for a Club One card, when will I start receiving offers?

After signing up for a Club One card, you can expect to start receiving offers anywhere from 0 - 3 months based on play.

How old do I need to be to sign up for a Club One card?

21 years of age or older

What is the difference between comp dollars and monthly food offers?

Comp dollars are earned with play and can be used at various outlets such as property bars, restaurants, gift shops as well as partnering restaurants. (feature partner restaurants here?) Monthly food offers are awarded on a monthly basis and are part of your monthly offers. Any food and beverage credit can be used at any of the property bars or restaurants - gift shop and partner restaurants not included.

Which casino can I use my free slot play?

Free slot play can only be used at the property from which you received it.

Do I earn comps or points at electronic table games?

Only comps can be earned at these games when Club One card is inserted in these machines. Points cannot be earned on these games.

Which machines accept free slot play?

Non-Progressive Machines.

Do I get any celebration promotions by signing up for Club One?

No birthday or celebration promotions currently.

How quickly will Comps be shown after playing at table games or sports betting?

This varies depending on when your rating at the tables or sportsbook is closed.

Can you earn comps or points on retail spend i.e. hotel rooms, gift shop spend, restaurant, etc.?

Not currently. Comps and/ or points can only be earned by playing slots, table games, keno, or by placing a sportsbook wager.

Can I load money onto my Club One card?


How can I accumulate points?

You can earn points by playing slots and video poker.

How can I use my slot-earned points?

You can download your points on any non-progressive slot machine to utilize as free slot play. You can also redeem points for cash if you are a Legend cardholder - minimum of $5/ 500 points per cash out.

How long will the points and comps stay on the account?

13 months from last activity date on your Club One card.

If I load free slot play onto the slot machine, can I withdraw it if I don’t play it?

No, any free slot play that is downloaded on a machine must be played. The free slot play downloaded will not return to the card once Club One card is removed.

Where can I use my monthly food offer?

Monthly food offers can be used at any of our casino property bars or restaurants.

Can I use my monthly food offer at gift shops?

No, only comp dollars are accepted at our gift shops.

Can I convert my comps into free slot play or cash?


Can I build up points by playing tables? Keno? Sports wager?

No, only comps can be earned.

Are there any restrictions on what my PIN (personal identification number) can be?


Do I have to load money into the machine prior to using any free slot play?


Does Club One link accounts?


Does Club One tier match?

Yes, a tier match can be completed at any of the Club One desks.

How can I convert my points to free slot play?

Be sure you have set up your PIN, go to any non-progressive slot machine, then load your points = 100 points = $1 in free slot play.