Vegas 101: Tips Straight from Locals to Visitors

View of Las Vegas with Welcome to Las Vegas Sign

There are few things more entertaining to local Las Vegans than going down to the Strip to people watch. We can always spot a tourist from a mile away, whether it be their hefty margarita pitcher for one or their Vegas-esque attitude. But if you don’t want to stand out like a tourist and want to secure some of the best deals for your trip, take these tips from locals to heart.


Tips for Vegas Visitors

These tips from locals will help you save some money, stay comfortable, and look the part!


Get the Best Deal on Your Hotel Room

If you’re balling on a budget in Las Vegas, these tips will help you save on your room:

  • Don’t book during the peak times of year. Convention season, holidays and weekends are the worst times to book your hotel room because they can fill up faster and prices are likely to skyrocket. Before visiting, check for any conventions or holidays and try booking rooms on weekdays to help reduce costs.
  • Book your room directly. Reduce costs by not booking your room through a third party, but booking directly from the hotel’s site. This way you can see an actual breakdown of costs and fees and may get a discount for booking direct. Also, third-party sites are known to cancel reservations, so protect yourself by working with the hotel directly.


Get a Hotel Loyalty Card

Going to come to Las Vegas often? Sign up for a hotel loyalty card to earn points and savings. All you need is a valid driver’s license or passport to start earning points on the money you spend on the dining, entertainment, and gaming. Earned points can get you free perks including discounted show tickets, 2-for-1 buffets, or even a free room.


Save Cash

Locals are chock-full of money-saving tips (we live here, after all). A Las Vegas Power Pass is the ultimate fast pass for Las Vegas attractions. You choose an adult or child pass for one to five days. With this pass, you can experience over 30 attractions, museums, and tours for free. Another great tip is to buy tickets to a show the day of. Often, you can even get up to 50% off.


Woman Exploring Las Vegas


Eat Off the Strip

Most locals turn to the Strip for all their culinary delights and while there are plenty of world-class restaurants, that’s not your only option. Here are some other choices if you don’t feel like heading into the masses:

  • Get groceries delivered to your hotel room. That’s right! You can order all the groceries you want while here in town right to your hotel room, as long as you’re an Amazon Prime member. In as little as two hours, get your Gatorade, Red Bull, or Doritos as room service.
  • Buy food and drinks at the local store. Go off the Strip to buy your food and drinks because they will be much cheaper and you’ll have more options. Locals hardly ever buy anything on the Strip because of this same reason, so you’ll definitely look the part by shopping elsewhere.


Take Care of Yourself

There’s no doubt that Vegas gets hot, especially for visitors not used to the climate. Locals know how to take care of themselves in the heat, so you should to. Remember to drink plenty of water (don’t forget your reusable water bottle that you can refill throughout the day!), wear sunscreen, and wear comfortable shoes.

Next time you plan a visit to Las Vegas, check out these tips. They are sure to help you feel more like a local and less like a visitor.