Plan the Ideal Las Vegas Honeymoon Vacation

Planning a honeymoon should be an exciting experience where you and your partner celebrate your next adventure in life. With top-notch shows, spas, dining, and other experiences, Vegas is the ideal honeymoon spot. Prepare for the ultimate honeymoon in Las Vegas with this guide!


Las Vegas Honeymoon Planning Tips


Before you start getting swept away in the fun details of your romantic Las Vegas honeymoon, take time to think of your trip from a macro level. Here are a couple tips to iron out when you first sit down to plan. 


Clear Budget

Even though it may seem obvious, setting a clear budget for your honeymoon in Las Vegas is crucial for your planning process to go smoothly. From the very beginning, you and your partner should decide the maximum amount you’re willing to spend, as well as how much money you want to put into each part of the honeymoon — accommodations, entertainment, food, etc. It’s easy to let the bills rack up when you’re trying to create the most exciting itinerary, but sticking to your budget will ensure the trip and planning is stress free.  


Type of Honeymoon 

One other aspect to consider is the type of Las Vegas honeymoon you want. There is the traditional Vegas trip full of clubs, drinks, and gambling – and there are many other versions that are more low-key. Sit down with your new spouse and have an honest conversation about what you both are looking to experience during your honeymoon in Las Vegas.

Want a more quiet, relaxing trip? Make sure to stay on the outskirts of the Strip and plan for activities that stray from the busy nightlife and bustling activity of the casinos. Whichever way you decide to go, you’ve already created a solid foundation that will set you and your partner up for a memorable, cohesive, and exciting honeymoon in Las Vegas neither of you will forget!


Las Vegas Penthouse Suite at Golden Gate Hotel Las Vegas


Where to Stay

Because it’s your honeymoon, you’re most likely looking for a little bit of romance sprinkled into each part of your trip. If the stereotypical heart-shaped bed isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. You can still set the mood in a more subtle way with classy Las Vegas suites and penthouses. At the Golden Gate Hotel, no matter what your honeymoon budget is, you will stay in luxury and style in our rooms.

If you want to go all out, make your Las Vegas honeymoon a lot sweeter by staying in one of our two luxury penthouse suites. Artwork, chandeliers, rich wood accents, and your own private outdoor patio all make for a romantic night with you and your sweetheart.


Best Time to Travel

After you’ve figured out the major guidelines of your Las Vegas honeymoon, it’s time to get down to the details. Las Vegas is in a desert, so doing your research on weather is extremely important if you want to enjoy yourselves without freezing or sweating bullets. 

The most common consensus on the best time to travel to Vegas is during spring. If you can find a pocket of time during the months of March-May to plan your romantic Las Vegas honeymoon, you should be good to go. Temperatures during the springtime tend to stay around the 70s and 80s, which is perfect compared to the dead of summer when the sun beats down on you at over 100 degrees. There are less people traveling to Vegas during these months as well, so you and your sweetheart don’t have to worry about crowds and wildly expensive booking rates.


Couple Getting Massage on Honeymoon in Las Vegas


Las Vegas Honeymoon Activities


Along with booking the best accommodations for your Las Vegas honeymoon, you also need to plan for the biggest part of your trip: activities. Because there are so many ways to entertain yourself when you honeymoon in Las Vegas, we’ve chosen a few favorites. Take a look at these date ideas that’ll make you and your partner fall in love all over again.


Couples Spa Day

You can never go wrong with a couples spa day to bring that spark of romance to your Las Vegas honeymoon. Take the opportunity to unwind and bond with your partner by visiting one of the many extravagant spas located in Vegas. Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace is one of the best spas you can visit. It transports you to the fountains and baths of ancient Rome. It’s also the only spa in the world with Nobu-brand treatments.

The Spa at Aria is another leading establishment that draws in thousands of guests each year. This spa takes a modern and sophisticated approach to relaxation with salt meditation rooms and mineral stone beds. At 80,000 square feet, it’s one of the biggest in Vegas.


Elegant Dinner

What better way to end an exciting day than with a high-class dinner for two. Toast to an unbelievable honeymoon in Las Vegas with endless restaurant options perfect for any couple! Picasso is one outstanding restaurant you must try. Located at the Bellagio, Picasso gives you a perfect view of the Bellagio fountain show as it lights up the sky at night. Dine on authentic Spanish and French cuisine and sip on some fine wine! 

If you’re feeling adventurous, Top of the World has the dining experience for you. Take your honeymoon in Las Vegas to new heights by making your way to The Strat and dining at Top of the World. This gourmet restaurant is 844 feet above the Strip and offers guests breathtaking views of the Las Vegas skyline.

For a romantic dinner in Las Vegas, nothing quite compares to a classic steakhouse. Wine and dine with your partner at Andiamo Steakhouse, where you not only get the ambiance and premium ingredients of a steakhouse, you also can indulge in the fresh and romantic flavors of Italy.


Newlyweds Taking Hot Air Balloon for Las Vegas Honeymoon


Hot Air Balloon

Feel your heart race as you float above Nevada and the beautiful desert landscape on a hot air balloon ride. This is a perfect activity if you’re looking to get away from the hecticness of the Strip and bond with your sweetheart in peace. Whether you book a private ride or meet some new people while you’re high in the sky, this exhilarating activity gives you a great excuse to get up early to see the sun rise from 10,000 feet in the air!


Helicopter Ride

Face your fear of heights by hopping in a chopper and exploring Las Vegas via air! This activity isn’t for the faint of heart, so make sure you and your loved one are prepared to add a thrilling helicopter ride to your Las Vegas honeymoon. If you’re brave enough, you’ll get the chance to take a trip all the way to the Grand Canyon or keep it local and see the sparkling lights of the Strip from the night sky.


Live Shows 

You can’t plan a Las Vegas honeymoon without incorporating one of the biggest things associated with Vegas: the live shows. With so many to choose from all year round, you don’t have to worry about missing out on world-class entertainment! La Rȇve at the Wynn is quite the fitting show for your honeymoon in Las Vegas because it’s all about love. Fall into the dream with acrobatics, dancing, high diving, and special effects that blow other shows out of the water.

If acrobatics aren’t your thing, consider a good ole’ fashioned magic show to bring even more excitement to your Las Vegas honeymoon. Penn & Teller have performed in Vegas for years and they’re still there for a reason. Their shows spice up traditional magic with provocative humor and special insights on how tricks are done. Leave Vegas as a magic expert by checking out this classic show!


Gondola Ride

Italians know how to set the mood, and a gondola ride at the Venetian replicates it pretty well.  Not only is it romantic, it is also one of the most iconic activities associated with Las Vegas. You and your sweetheart will have the chance to glide down the Grand Canal in an authentic gondola as your gondolier serenades you. Whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears and take in the sights of the Venetian on this romantic ride!

From planning tips to everything you need to know about hotels and activities perfect for your Las Vegas honeymoon, you’re now fully prepared to start brainstorming! This is most likely your first trip as a married couple, so make sure to enjoy every minute from beginning to end.