Hidden Gems in Downtown Las Vegas

Famous Las Vegas Neon Sign Vegas Vickie

Downtown Las Vegas is filled with so many hidden gems that make it one of the best spots to spend your time in the city! DTLV is a celebration of Las Vegas in all aspects of life. From a vibrant and historic past to incredible modern art, there is something to see, do, and learn almost everywhere you look. Read on to find some of our favorite hidden gems that make our part of the city so special.


Golden Gate Hotel


Golden Gate Hotel & Casino is hiding some history in its walls. It was Vegas’ first hotel, which means it has seen a lot over the years. Golden Gate still has 10 rooms that date as far back as 1906, dubbed The Original 10. Back in 1906, travelers from all over kicked back and relaxed in these rooms for $1 a day, and you can book them to enjoy your own slice of Las Vegas history. 113 years later, Golden Gate is still a landmark destination in Vegas and a hidden gem downtown for those who love a bit of classic Las Vegas vibes.


Vegas Vickie


You might not know her by name, but you’ve likely seen Vegas Vickie, one of Vegas’ most iconic characters. Vegas Vickie is the iconic neon cowgirl who would kick her leg while welcoming visitors to Fremont Street alongside her partner, Vegas Vic. She debuted in Vegas in 1980 and now resides in Vegas Vickie’s Cocktail Lounge at Circa Resort. This cocktail lounge has retro-inspired styling and a variety of vintage drinks reminiscent of the days when Vickie first came to Vegas.


Legacy Club Rooftop Bar


Legacy Club rooftop bar has a top-tier view of Downtown Las Vegas. This cocktail lounge is 60 floors off the ground, featuring firepits and a drink selection inspired by classics. It’s also the venue for the Elevated Spirits Craft Cocktail Course, where guests can learn the secrets behind three delicious cocktails. If you’re just stopping by for a drink, be sure to see the gold display and check out the busts and portraits of the Founding Fathers of Las Vegas. Legacy Club guests are encouraged to dress their best, because this hidden gem sure sparkles with the lights of the city below.


Fear and Loathing Mural in Downtown Las VegasSource: Ruben Sanchez 


Downtown Las Vegas Murals


Downtown Las Vegas has some striking murals thanks to the art scene fostered by the Life is Beautiful festival – a yearly celebration of life’s beauty in Downtown Las Vegas. For example, the mural above titled “Fear and Loathing” by Ruben Sanchez is an homage to one of the most famous stories set in the city: Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Felipe Pantone’s Neon Mural is a must-see with its 3D art and neon brightness. It features sharp edges and clashing colors that combine in a digital theme. It turns the side of its building into a glitchy work of art. “The Cycle of Civilizations” by Zio Ziegler is a stunning display of humanity. And another must-see Downtown Las Vegas mural is Pixel Pancho’s “The Meaning”, featuring two robots and has themes of sustainability and avoiding waste.


Sigma Derby Horse Racing


The D Hotel & Casino features Sigma Derby horse racing, the classic mechanical horse racing game. These highly detailed miniatures gallop around a track as part of a fascinating engineering period piece. Players place their bets with buttons on the machine. Watching the races is almost as fun as betting! This game dates back to 1985. Players were betting on these mechanical horses only two years before the Rock and Roll hall of fame inducted Aretha Franklin, its first woman honoree, in 1987.


The Underground


Ever want to step into a time machine to see how things used to be? The Underground is a gateway to the 1920s. This speakeasy with a historical flair is located underneath the Mob Museum and features exhibits from the 1920s – along with historically accurate cocktails at the speakeasy. Guests can even try moonshine prepared in an authentic copper still. A private VIP room is available for reservation if you really want to take it up a notch and live like the Las Vegas mobsters used to.


Downtown Container Park in Las VegasSource: Downtown Container Park


Downtown Container Park


Downtown Container Park is a unique take on the outdoor plaza. It’s entirely made of shipping containers! With the innovative design of the shopping center and cool art installations like a giant, fire-breathing praying mantis, it might just be one of the most interesting shopping centers around. Its live performance stage, retail options, and restaurants make this a great cultural center, shopping area, and place to dine. Visitors can relax with a drink at Downtown Terrace after perusing Downtown Container Park’s boutique retailers.


Berlin Wall at Main Street Station


Main Street Station has a hidden part of history. You might not expect to find a bit of European history in Las Vegas, but there’s a real piece of the Berlin Wall in the men’s restroom! Thankfully, all genders can view this piece of the wall. If you can’t enter the men’s restroom, simply ask for a security escort to help you view the piece of the wall. If you’re interested in seeing some more history, Main Street Station also has Winston Churchill’s snooker table, among other artifacts of historical significance.


Hand of Faith Gold Nugget


Vegas is all about the glitz and glam, and all that glitters is actually gold when it comes to this incredible find. The Hand of Faith gold nugget is the biggest gold nugget ever found via a metal detector. It was found by a man named Kevin Hillier while trying out a new metal detector. He was exploring his hometown when he found the Hand of Faith gold nugget. Now it resides in Vegas’ Gold Nugget casino after Hillier sold it to them for one million dollars – a fitting home for a true natural wonder.


The next time you’re downtown, be sure to check out these hidden gems in Las Vegas. DTLV has so much to offer, from unique shopping experiences to getting a history lesson. Book a room at Golden Gate Hotel to be in the center of all the fun and unique hidden gems Downtown Las Vegas has to offer, and make your own bit of Las Vegas history!