Best Ways to Find Deals in Las Vegas

Las Vegas can be expensive, but if you plan accordingly, you can find some pretty great deals, discounts, and promotions. Saving some money is always a perk, especially when it means you have more in your pocket to enjoy even things on your trip! Use these tips to find the best deals in Las Vegas and save money while you travel, including airfare, room deals, happy hours, and more.


Plan in Advance


The further from your Las Vegas vacation in the calendar, the more likely you are to find better rates for flights, hotel rooms, and even entertainment. Early travel planning allows you to search for deals when demand is lower. As more people start to book their travel, the increase in demand also increases the price that airlines and hotels charge. When you plan in advance, you can find some of the best Las Vegas deals by booking early or tracking prices to see how costs are changing. Not only does this help you save money, but it also ensures you get the flights, rooms, and tickets you want before they start to book up.


Plan Last-Minute


Okay, we know we just said that planning in advance can help you save money in Vegas, but saving some things for those last-minute planners can also result in some great Las Vegas discounts. Some airlines and hotels offer reduced rates closer to the date of the trip. This is perfect for those with flexible travel schedules, especially if you decide to travel on a weekday or during the off-peak season. Last-minute deals are especially fun for spontaneous trips, but don’t expect all last-minute planning to save you money. Sometimes prices can spike closer to the day of travel, so avoid relying on these deals for trips planned in advance.


Person Searching for Las Vegas Discounts on Flights


Factor in Holidays


Holidays can both make and break how expensive a trip to Las Vegas can be. Many people travel to Vegas for the holidays, whether it’s for Memorial Day Weekend or for Christmas, which drives up the cost of nearly everything in the city. Save some money by traveling on a regular weekend instead. And while visiting during a holiday may cost more money, the holidays can help you save money in Las Vegas when used correctly. Many hotels and airlines offer holiday-specific deals for future travel, so keep your eye out for seasonal deals while planning your next trip.


Join a Players Club


Once you’re in the city, one of the best ways to save money in Vegas is by becoming a players club member. Many hotels offer rewards for being a part of their free casino loyalty program, meaning you get more things for simply enjoying the casino and other venues at the participating hotels. Each players club is unique, but benefits for being a member usually range between items such as free slot play, members-only events, room upgrades, exclusive discounts, priority access to amenities, dining comps, complimentary transportation, early access to entertainment, and more. The Club One Players Club at Golden Gate, the D, and Circa Las Vegas offers some of the best perks in Vegas, so be sure to sign up!


Man Following Social Media to Find Las Vegas Deals


Follow Social Media


Social media is one of the best ways to stay up-to-date with Las Vegas deals and discounts. This is where companies can share in real-time what they’re offering and if any special events are coming up. This is the easiest way to keep up with smaller businesses, happy hours, restaurants, or hotels in the area. Even if you aren’t local, follow any hotels, restaurants, or businesses you’re interested in while you visit to see what deals and discounts they might have going on while you’re in town. Following local influencers can also help point you in the right direction – some might even have their own special discounts to consider.


Research Other Perks


One final thing to consider when trying to save money in Las Vegas is any outside deals or discounts you can find such as becoming a frequent flyer member and optimizing your credit card perks. If you are a frequent traveler, you might want to look into credit cards that give you bonus points for travel purchases, credit for future travel, waived fees, or comped services. Be sure to check your current credit card benefits and see if any deals or discounts are available to you to enjoy on your trip to Las Vegas. These savings aren’t as immediate as the other tips, but having the right rewards can build up to a future free trip.


Going to Las Vegas doesn’t have to break the bank. With some research and knowing where to look, you’ll find a range of great Las Vegas deals and discounts to help reduce the cost of your trip. Use these tips to save some money so you have more to spend on fun things. And book your room at Golden Gate Las Vegas for a comfortable and affordable place to stay. Start planning now to get those early bird Las Vegas discounts, or check to see what last-minute deals are available if you want to visit sooner!