5 of the Best Football Prop Bets for the Big Game

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Prop bets are some of the most fun bets, especially with an event as popular as the Big Game. The game itself, as well as other random factors all give you a wide playing field for placing unique and fun football prop bets – whether you are a pro sports bettor or someone new to the scene. Read below to find unique bets to place, from betting on who will score the first touchdown, to who will win the coin toss, there is a unique betting option for everyone.


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What is a Prop Bet?

A prop bet is short for “proposition bet”, or a bet made on whether or not something will occur during a game. During the Big Game, these bets can range from performance-based bets such as number of touchdowns scored to random bets such as how many commercials will have dogs in them. The beauty of this approach to sports betting is that anyone can participate, no matter the skill level or interest in the game. Prop bets can be silly or serious, it all depends on who you are playing against and what your goals are.


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Best Prop Bets for the Big Game

(all props and prices courtesy of Circa | Sports)


Coin Toss

This classic football prop bet is the simplest: heads or tails? The coin toss is the easiest bet to place with a 50/50 chance of winning. Not that past coin toss results can predict this year’s outcomes, but 5 of the 6 past coin tosses for the Big Game have resulted in tails, with a 28-25 all-time lead. But who knows, maybe this year’s Big Game will switch it up!


       Coin Toss Result
         Heads -104 vs Tails -104


First Kickoff of the Game is a Touchback

This prop bet is decided quickly. If you bet “Yes” on a touchback occurring, whichever team kicks off, you are rooting for the kicker to kick the ball as far as possible. If the opening kickoff of the game sails through the endzone, or is not returned and a touchback occurs, “Yes” bettors score an early win. “Yes” is a slight favorite in this bet due to the amount of kickoffs that are touchbacks vs the amount of kicks that are returned over the course of a regular season on NFL.


       First Kickoff is a Touchback?
         Yes -140 vs No +120


Safety Scored

Many bettors are attracted towards the possibility of a big payday, and this would be one of the props that qualifies as that. Although safeties in football games are rare, they do happen, and if and when they do the Sportsbooks end up paying out big bucks. The price of a safety occurring is usually around 7/1, though if you bet the first score of the game to be a safety by either the Chiefs or the 49ers at Circa Sports you can get 80/1. 


       Safety Scored?
         Yes +700 vs No -1010


Shortest Touchdown Scored

This prop allows you to bet on the yardage of the shortest touchdown scored in the game. The over/under is typically set at 1.5 yards. Over bettors cash their ticket if a 1 yard touchdown does not occur. Surprisingly to most people, 1 yard touchdowns are extremely common and occur in a majority of NFL games. Be careful when wagering on prop bets that look too easy. The odds usually are accurate in their reflection of the most likely outcome.


       Shortest Touchdown Scored
         1.5 yards Under -155


James Harden Points vs Chiefs Points

For those of you who enjoy wagering on 2 separate events at the same time this is the bet for you. You can either bet James Harden to outscore the entire Chiefs team or vice versa. The price on this one comes with a handicap though. James Harden is favored by 9.5 points as we all know he has the ability to put up some serious  numbers. If you wager on the Chiefs, just keep it within 9 points of Harden and you walk away a winner.


       James Harden Points vs Chiefs Points
         James Harden -9.5


People Celebrating Football Game Win


Tips for Football Prop Bets

Read up on previous games. Sure, prop bets are typically all chance, but seeing how things played out in the past can sometimes help. Just keep in mind, every game is different, so make sure you try to think about how the past stats will impact the current matchup. The professional bettors and sportsbook put hours, if not days, of work into making their numbers, so to expect to win you may have to do the same.

And of course, have fun! Football prop bets for the are a lighthearted way to approach sports betting and can be enjoyed by anyone with any skill level.


How to Bet on the Big Game in Vegas

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