15 Sports Betting Podcasts to Follow for Picks, Tips & Odds

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Getting the right sports betting intel can make or break your chances at placing winning bets. One of the best ways to learn about breakdowns and trends for all things related to betting sports is to listen to sports betting podcasts. Top sports betting podcasts have two things: personality and reliable information. Listed below in alphabetical order are the top podcasts for sports betting enthusiasts. Listen to these to learn how to make picks like a pro, and stop following your friends’ losing picks every week.


Best Sports Betting Podcasts


Against All Odds

Sal Iacono from ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and ‘Cousin Sal’s Sure Thing’ brings flair and personality to his sports betting podcast while breaking down betting on every sport, from football to competitive hot dog eating, and offering his odds analysis and best bets. Tune in each week to hear his commentary on NFL, NBS, NHL, EFC, boxing, wrestling, and more while he brings in Vegas experts, celebrities, and his “degenerate friends” to discuss wins and losses (mostly losses).



All sports are covered on the BangTheBook podcast. From sports betting analysis and free picks from the industry’s top handicappers, this podcast is a go-to for bettors. BangTheBook features podcasts for NFL, MLB, NBA, college football, and college basketball, so all bases are covered. If daily tips, free picks, stats, and matchup analysis for your favorite sports are what you’re looking for, this podcast helps you decide which sporting events are worth betting on.


Behind the Bets

Go inside the world of Las Vegas sports betting with ESPN gambling analyst Doug Kezirian and guests. This podcast covers a wide variety of topics in the sports betting world, from horse racing to basketball, and with a focus on the NFL and college football. Kezirian shares his insights and picks weekly, or multiple times a week during the football season, and brings on big names to discuss different views and bring in more insight to help build your betting strategy.


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Bet the Board

Todd Fuhrman of Fox Sports 1’s “Lock It In” and Payne from Payneinsider.com team up to break down NFL, college football, and basketball games from the view of a sports bettor. For about an hour every Monday before Monday night football and Thursday before Thursday night football, these two provide insights on injuries, personnel, micro and macro situations, line movement, sharp and square positions, match-ups, coaching, and more.


Bet the Process

Get ready for a 1-2 punch of information from Jeff Ma and respected sports bettor Rufus Peabody with their sports gambling and analytics podcast. This podcast analyzes sports from every angle to provide a comprehensive look into the industry, from football to college basketball. Handicapping, industry news, challengers for bettors, and updates on sports regulation are just a few of the topics covered by these hosts. These two are heavy hitters in the sports podcast world.


Beating the Book

Gill Alexander, host of VSiN’s “A Numbers Game” and respected sports betting expert, brings entertainment to his informative Beating the Book podcast. Gill works to explain sports handicapping with free picks and sports gambling strategies with the help of high-stakes handicappers and sports wagering experts. Listen in to hear his takes on NFL, college football, MLB, golf, horse racing, and more to help you raise your stakes next time you’re in the sportsbook.


Dream Preview

Talk sports with the boys when RJ Bell brings his guests to the “Wiseguy Roundtable” every Thursday. RJ Bell is a well-known voice in the sports betting world and uses his connections like Steve Fezzik, Ken Thomson, Brad Powers, and Matthew Holt to provide a behind-the-counter perspective on all of your favorite sports. Not only are Bell and the Wiseguys on top of what’s happening in Las Vegas sports betting, they bring entertainment to the table as well.


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Even Money

In order to win, you need to learn from your losses. That’s the mentality of NFL lineman-turned-media pro Ross Tucker is and Steve Fezzik on the Even Money podcast. This podcast focuses on NFL betting and analyzes how previous week’s pics and best bets held up in order to adjust strategy moving forward. Fezzik’s ‘advantage player’ style of betting plays a big role in this podcast and relies on mathematical techniques like probability to maximize expected value of bets.



There is a lot of information floating around the sports betting world. Cut through the crap and listen to the topics you actually want to hear with Matt Brown, Brett Collson, and FairwayJay. This weekly podcast recaps the most important, biggest, and most ridiculous sports stories from the prior week. On top of that, listen in for sharp analysis, insights, and opinions from some of the top sports betting industry experts for upcoming games and events.


Matchbook Betting

Nominated for Best Betting Podcast in the 2019 Smart Betting Club Awards, Matchbook Betting is obviously doing something right. Jesse May and Aidan O’Sullivan give a rare glimpse into the world of high-stakes betting while analyzing the best bets for upcoming football, NBA, MLB, and horse racing events. The hosts bring on a variety of special guests to give a unique view into the world of sports betting and help bettors find better odds.


The Sharp 600

In 600 seconds, the Sharp 600 gets you all of your expert picks and analysis in a quick and efficient manner. Covers.com ports analyst and San Francisco radio host Joe Fortenbough brings in guests to deliver a concise roundup of sports betting information to help navigate the sports betting world and give you more time in your day – more time to place bets. Though Joe’s primary focus is football, the Sharp 600 covers all sports for all levels of bettors.


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Sports Gambling Podcast

The name says it all with this sports betting podcast. The Sports Gambling Podcast is one of the most popular, highest ranked, and oldest podcasts to cover the sports betting world. Since 2011, Sean Green and Ryan Kramer have used their 40+ years of combined sports betting experience to cover nearly any sport topic. Sports gambling news stories, free picks, line movement analysis, big game previews, and handicapping strategies are just a few things to expect.


Stanford Steve & The Bear

Since 2018, “Stanford” Steve Coughlin & Chris “The Bear” Fallica have been putting their unique spin on the world of playing the odds in college football, horse racing, and more. With Steve’s background as a SportsCenter commentator and sports betting analyst, and Chris’s college football expertise and background of being a research producer for College GameDay, these two focus on providing their sports takes with a Las Vegas angle to entertain and educate listeners.


VSiN Best Bets

The VSin Best Bets sports betting podcast features highlights from the Vegas Stats and Information Network shows, including “Follow the Money” with Mitch Moss and Pauly Howard, “A Numbers Game” with Gill Alexander, “The Edge” with Matt Youmans and Jonathan Von Tobel, and “My Guys in the Desert” with Brent Musburger. Tune in for guest spots filled by Circa | Sports VP of operations Mike Palm, director Matt Metcalf, and oddsmaker Matt Lindeman!



If you’re ready for a lesson in sports betting, class is in session with the WagerTalk podcast every Thursday night from a Las Vegas betting perspective. The experts at WagerTalk provide handicapping picks and expert predictions for football, basketball, baseball, and specialty sports to ensure you make the most educated bets possible and, hopefully, make more money the next time you place a bet.


While these are some of the big players in the podcast world for sports betting, there are plenty of other sports betting podcasts that fit many niches. From comedic podcasts to ones hyper-focused on a specific sport, you will lock in your favorite. Once you are ready to take a shot and place a bet in Las Vegas, visit Circa | Sports in Las Vegas or download the Circa | Sports betting app on iOS or Android to take your bookie on the go.