Who will be the


Pick a different NFL winner straight up every week, outlast the competition, and become the Circa Survivor to take home $1 MILLION!

$1,000 to enter

1 pick each week

1 NFL side straight up

Only winning entries survive each week




& no rake!

Play from outside Nevada

by using a proxy


To make things a little more interesting, Thanksgiving Day will be its own “contest week.” And you can’t use the same team twice during the contest so be careful using those Thanksgiving Day teams early in the season!


Even if the contest ends before Week 17, any entry without a loss will move on to the next week to make a selection and attempt a perfect record. Think you can go 18-0? If you can you’ll cash in on an extra $1 MILLION guaranteed!



If contest entries cover and exceed the guaranteed $1 million, all additional entry fees will be added to the winner-take-all prize!


Circa Survivor contest entrants can submit their weekly contest pick in person at one of our sportsbooks or from anywhere in Nevada using the Circa | Sports mobile app. Download the app today!



To sign up for the Circa Survivor Pro Football Contest or our Circa Sports Million contest just visit one of our sportsbooks located at

Golden Gate Hotel & Casino
1 Fremont St, Las Vegas NV 89101


the D Las Vegas
301 Fremont St, Las Vegas NV 89101



Not planning to be in Nevada every weekend this football season? Not a problem! Just find a proxy to submit your weekly pick and bring them to a Circa | Sports location to register.



Can anyone enter the contest? What if I don’t live in Nevada or the US? The Circa Survivor Pro Football Contest is open to anyone 21 and over. Even if you live outside of Nevada or the US you can still play! Your weekly pick must be submitted in person at a Circa | Sports location or through the Circa | Sports mobile app from within the State of Nevada, so if you don’t plan to be in Nevada throughout the season we recommend you find a reliable friend or a proxy service to submit your picks for you. Once you’ve found one just visit one of our sportsbooks in Las Vegas with your proxy to sign up and register them. See Rule 12 of the Official Contest Rules if you intend to employ a proxy.

Can I enter the contest multiple times? Yes, you can get up to five (5) contest entries for $1,000 each.

How does scoring work and how do I win? For each entry contestants submit one pick (one NFL side straight up) every week. Entries must use a different team each week (no repeats). After each contest week all entries with a loss are eliminated. The last surviving entry wins and takes home the $1 MILLION prize!

What if I use all 6 Thanksgiving Day teams before Thanksgiving Day? Don’t let that happen! Thanksgiving Day is its own “Contest Week” and entries must submit a pick every Contest Week to avoid elimination. If you use all six teams before Thanksgiving you’ll be eliminated when the Thanksgiving Day games start.

How do I submit my picks? Weekly contest selections can be submitted at the sportsbook counter, sportsbook kiosks, and via the Circa | Sports mobile app. Just log in using your Contest account number. When you first log in using the temporary password provided to you when you signed up you’ll be asked to create a new password. See Rule 13 of the Official Contest Rules if you intend to submit picks via the app. If you’ve registered a proxy, all of the above options are available to them as well. Visit circasports.com/iphone or circasports.com/android to download the app today!

When are picks due? The final deadline for contest selections each week will be 3pm PT on Saturday except for Thanksgiving Day which will be due at 11pm on Wednesday. If you wish to select a team that plays earlier than the Saturday 3pm deadline, for example a Thursday night game, your pick must be submitted before that game starts.

Do you post everyone’s picks and the most popular picks? We do! You’ll be able to find everyone’s selections for the week and the most popular plays on this page every Saturday a few hours after the 3pm deadline.