$1,000 to enter

5 picks per week

against the spread

$1,000,000 First Prize

plus $143,750 awarded monthly

and 9 additional season-end prizes

Play from outside Nevada

by using a proxy


1. @RAVENS -16½ 35 2. JETS +16½ 64
3. BUCS -3½ 304 4. @LIONS +3½ 129
5. EAGLES -4½ 293 6. @REDSKINS +4½ 202
7. @PACKERS -4½ 258 8. BEARS +4½ 386
9. PATRIOTS -9½ 406 10. @BENGALS +9½ 113
11. @TITANS -3 281 12. TEXANS +3 404
13. SEAHAWKS -6 ★ 458 14. @PANTHERS +6 130
15. @CHIEFS -9½ 135 16. BRONCOS +9½ 399
17. @GIANTS -3½ 125 18. DOLPHINS +3½ ★ 432
19. @STEELERS -1½ 280 20. BILLS +1½ ★ 472
21. @RAIDERS -6½ ★ 413 22. JAGUARS +6½ 127
23. BROWNS -2½ 275 24. @CARDINALS +2½ 167
25. @49ERS -10½ 121 26. FALCONS +10½ 344
27. RAMS -1½ ★ 516 28. @COWBOYS +1½ 288
29. VIKINGS -2½ 339 30. @CHARGERS +2½ 390
31. @SAINTS -8½ 171 32. COLTS +8½ 168

★ denotes Top 5 most popular selections

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as of Tue Dec 10


1. Booty Blockers 49.5 points
2. MJTADE 48.5 points
3. Live Odds 48.0 points
4T. SD-2 46.5 points
4T. ACE2019 46.5 points
4T. THE NATURE BOY 46.5 points
7T. thebetbot.com 46.0 points
7T. JULIAN-2 46.0 points
9T. JD on the rocks 45.0 points
9T. Bronx Zoo 45.0 points
9T. GEOPETER 45.0 points

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Congratulations to these entries leading the field in the race for $143,750 at the end of Weeks 13-17!




Proudest Monkey


JULIAN • thebetbot.com • DEAD MONEY • JD on the rocks • CCG Sports • SIDE ACTION • Swearengen Express • The Dude Abides • KEVIN HOGAN-3 • Bench Paid For This • MUCKED NUTS-2 • STAG CAPITAL • IN GRADY WE TRUST • Good Times

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Champion $1,000,000
2nd Place $100,000
3rd Place $60,000
4th Place $35,000
5th Place $30,000
6th Place $25,000
7th Place $20,000
8th Place $15,000
9 th Place $10,000
10th Place $5,000



1st Quarter (Weeks 1-4) winner(s) $143,750
2nd Quarter (Weeks 5-8) winner(s) $143,750
3rd Quarter (Weeks 9-12) winner(s) $143,750
4th Quarter (Weeks 13-17) winner(s) $143,750

“Quarter” prizes are split among the entries with the best record within each period.




Contest entries covered and exceeded the original guaranteed prize pool of $1.5 million and all additional entry fees have been added to the four “Quarter” prizes. In addition to the season-end prizes, $143,750 will be awarded every month during the season!


Entrants can submit their weekly contest picks in person at one of our sportsbooks or from anywhere in Nevada using the Circa | Sports mobile app. Download the app today!



But you should still visit both of our sportsbooks! We’re located at

Golden Gate Hotel & Casino
1 Fremont St, Las Vegas NV 89101


the D Las Vegas
301 Fremont St, Las Vegas NV 89101

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Can I still sign up and play? Sorry, registration for this year’s Circa | Sports Million Pro Football Contest has ended.

When are picks due each week? Weekly contest selections are due at 3pm on Saturday.

How do I submit my picks? Weekly contest selections can be submitted at the sportsbook counter, sportsbook kiosks, and via the Circa | Sports mobile app. Just log in using your Contest account number. If you’ve registered a proxy, all of the above options are available to them as well!

When and where are contest point spreads posted each week? Contest point spreads will be posted every Thursday around 10am with the exception of Thanksgiving week in which case they will be posted on Wednesday morning at the same time. You can find contest point spreads in the Circa | Sports mobile app, in the sportsbook betting sheet racks, and on this page.

Do you post everyone’s picks and the consensus picks? We do! You can find everyone’s selections for the week and the most popular plays on this page every Saturday a few hours after the 3pm deadline.

How does scoring work and how do I win? For each entry contestants submit five picks (NFL sides only) against the spread every week and get one point for each correct selection, one half point for each push, and zero points for each incorrect selection. The top ten scores for the season and the top score within each “Quarter” will be awarded cash prizes. For prize details, see above or take a look at the Official Contest Rules.

What are the “Quarter” prizes? In addition to the ten cash prizes awarded at the end of the season a $143,750 cash prize will be awarded roughly once a month for the top score within each “Quarter” of the regular season (Weeks 1-4, Weeks 5-8, Weeks 9-12, and Weeks 13-17). So even players who run into some bad beats early in the season will have a few chances to start with a clean slate and land in the money!

How are contest picks submitted through the app? The same Circa | Sports mobile app that gives you everyday access to our betting menu will allow you to make your contest selections each week. Just log in using your Contest Account number instead of your Mobile Wagering Account. When you first log in using the temporary password provided to you when you signed up you’ll be asked to create a new password. See Rule 11 of the Official Contest Rules if you intend to submit contest picks through the app. Visit circasports.com/iphone or circasports.com/android to download the app today!

For complete contest rules and prize details, visit our Official Contest Rules page.