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Las Vegas Sports Betting Tips & 2019 Sports Predictions

Among the rows and rows of chairs, you’ll notice avid sports lovers studying the spread and analyzing brackets. We’re smack-dab in the middle of football, NBA, and hockey season – so while you’re watching each game closely, it’s the perfect time to start making your sports predictions for how the seasons will end.  

Making your sports betting predictions takes time, research, and a thorough know-how on the sports betting scene works. Your first instinct might be to bet with your heart or put all your money on your favorite team, but that’s a risky move and could end up costing you a hefty sum come the Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, or the NBA Finals. The best way to go is to bet with your brain, no matter how loyal you are to your favorite team.

To review, here are some basic things to remember when placing your bets and making your predictions:

Las Vegas Sports Betting Tips: The Basics

Point Spread: The point spread represents the margin of points in which the favored team must win by to cover the spread. You’re wagering on a team winning or losing by a certain number of points set by the sports book.

Money Line: The money line is a bet on the odds of a team winning the game as opposed to a point spread that is based on the scoring outcome. A money line is a simple wager on which team will win.

Parlay: A parlay is a single bet that links two or more wagers. To win the bet, the player must win all the wagers in the parlay. Parlays are very popular because you can take a wager as small as $2 or $5 and turn it into hundreds and thousands of dollars.

Sports Betting Slip with Game Predictions and Results

Futures: As the name implies, a futures bet is a wager placed on an event further into the future. For a futures bet, you may be wagering on who will go to the Super Bowl next year.

Propositions (Prop Bet): Prop bets are fun to wager on, especially if you’re not as experienced with sports betting. These are bets like “who will be the first to start a brawl on the ice” or “which team will score the first touchdown”. Prop bets are just added wagers to keep the games entertaining.

Total (Over/Under): You’re betting on whether the total points, runs, or goals scored by both teams is over or under the total provided by the sports book.

It’s helpful to pick up the daily sheets at any sportsbook to find out their wagering options. On each sheet, you’ll find numbers associated with the different teams or players that correlate with what is shown on the digital display board. Using the sheets are a great way to understand what is available for sports betting that day along with favorites and underdogs.

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Sports Betting Predictions for 2019

With an NFL season full of injuries and surprise losses, it’s still up in the air on who will make it all the way to the 53rd Super Bowl. For now, it’s safe to say the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles have a fighting chance this season. The Chargers are also a possibility with having a lot of easy home games coming their way and being the second-best scoring defense in the league right now. However, the golden child of the NFL, the New England Patriots, are yet again the top choice for betters, predicting they will be the team holding the Lombardi Trophy in February.

As far as the NHL goes, there are no predictions for last season’s winners, the Washington Capitals, to win the Stanley Cup this year, nor Sin City’s heroes, the Vegas Golden Knights. This season, the Nashville Predators are sucking up the majority of the predictions with their strong line of defense and well-balanced roster. The Winnipeg Jets and the Pittsburgh Penguins are possible contenders, as well.

The “New England Patriots” of the NBA, the Golden Gate Warriors, are predicted to rule the hardwoods yet again this season. The Warriors are an unstoppable force with a highly talented team and dire competitiveness, and wagering against their championship not recommended. The only team who might actually give them a run for their money this season is the Boston Celtics, being the best team in the Eastern Conference at the moment.

Every year, thousands of sports enthusiasts flock to Las Vegas to place their sports bets and closely watch their teams with dollar signs in their eyes. Will this be the year your predictions pay off or will you be spending your offseason studying the spread lines?

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Vegas Golden Knights Hockey Season Starts

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It didn’t take long of the Las Vegas Golden Knights to claim the hearts of the valley. In their astonishing inaugural year, the Golden Knights were already the heroes our city always hoped to have. In fact, last season, the Golden Knights fans packed in the T-Mobile Arena at over 100-percent capacity. According to StubHub data, the Golden Knights are the most in-demand team for the second year in a row.

Vegas isn’t the inconspicuous type, which is why home games are a two-for-one deal: a thrilling sporting event combined with a show you might see on the Strip. If you missed it, during the Golden Knights opener, an aerial silk performer cascaded from the rafters above and delivered the game puck to Lil Wayne and Mr. Las Vegas himself, Wayne Newton. No other team in the NHL could ever pull that off!

Following an outstanding run to the Stanley Cup Finals in their inaugural year, the Knights come into their second season bristling with confidence. The Golden Knights have acquired left wing, Max Pacioretty, who has 222 assists and 448 out of his 626 NHL career games. The Knights also signed free-agent center, Paul Stastny, to replace second-line wings James Neal and David Perron. Free agent Nick Holden was also signed to plug a hole on defense who previously played for the New York Rangers and the Boston Bruins. The Golden Knights have inherited some great talent and all of Vegas is crossing their fingers, hoping the team dynamic will be as strong as it was last year.

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Las Vegas Golden Knights Schedule

Having seen what the Knights are actually capable of, other NHL teams will surely be gunning for them this hockey season. Lucky for locals and Vegas visitors, the Golden Knights have an exciting home season lined up with several veteran big dogs to compete against:

-San Jose Sharks: November 24th and January 10th
-Chicago Blackhawks: December 6th
-Los Angeles Kings: December 23rd and January 1st
-Pittsburgh Penguins: January 19th
-Boston Bruins: February 20th
-Detroit Red Wings: March 23rd

Where to Find a Golden Knights Watch Party

Since home games do tend to bring in a mob of fans leaving T-Mobile Arena nearly bursting at the seams, tickets do go quickly! If you’re not able to snag a ticket to the match up you were hoping to catch, don’t worry! There are plenty of places in the Valley that throw such spectacular viewing parties, you won’t even realize you’re not at the game!


At Topgolf, fans can watch the game on an 83-foot wide screen with stadium sound while enjoying a variety of onsite drinks and snacks. It wouldn’t be a Golden Knights watch party without some fun games to play during commercials! Topgolf provides activities like corn hole, ping pong, and tabletop shuffleboard. Golf bays and seating are available on a first come, first served basis.

Downtown Las Vegas Events Center

The Downtown Las Vegas Events Center also hosts watch parties for all Golden Knights home and away games. There is free seating in bleachers and on the grass, and reserved tables are available as well. It’s free to get in and open to all ages. Food and beverages available for purchase and each VKG watch party has special entertainment during the game.

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Golden Gate Hotel & Casino

Maybe you’d prefer to plan your own Vegas Golden Knights viewing party? Well, what better place to do it than a place that has the word “Golden” right in its name – Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, of course! Stock up on cold drinks and your favorite finger foods and book a room at the Golden Gate for the next Knights game. Each standard room includes a 32-inch HD flat-screen TV to enjoy the game on or invite some friends and splurge on a penthouse, equipped with a kitchen and three giant flat-screen TV.

Golden Gate’s penthouses also include a piece de résistance; a large outdoor patio with lounge seating, a gas grill, a full wet bar, and a 50-inch flat-screen TV. The Golden Gate may not have live medieval reenactments, but they do have Dancing Dealers – and that’s even better in most cases!

All eyes are on our Knights this NHL season and everyone is hoping to see a Cinderella story sequel. No matter what, the Golden Knights have proven their dedication to Las Vegas and win or lose, the Knights’ loyal fans will always stay true to the players, season after season.